- A carnival of delight
- Loads of excitement
- Superb graphics and sound
Here's how to play:
Your goal is to rack up points by bopping all kinds of objects--planets, stars, ducks, and more....First, you'll flip balls at an animated shooting gallery of whizzing targets that appear. Bop as many as you can. Bop more, score more! ... To pile up points in succeeding rounds, you must bop the assorted objects Mr. and Mrs. Stickybear are juggling...don't get bopped by the sandbags Stickybear drops when he sails across the top of the screen in his balloon...and watch out for a pair of silly birds who will try to steal the little balls you need to play with.
The game continues with more shooting galleries, sandbags, a bigger flock of silly birds, and more of everything to be bopped.

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