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    Cash-On-Wheels FAQ by Anonymous

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                                    Cash On Wheels
        COW, which is short for Cash On Wheels, is a strategy that works in BRE
    versions .910 and below. The COW is a method of trading coins to collect more
    interest from the bank than normal. To do a COW, you need at least two
    willing to cooperate. Each player should specify a specific time to call the
    BBS, for executing a COW requires good timing.
        It all starts with one player saving up the money from all of his turns
    in the bank. When he reaches his last turn, he sends all of his money to
    player #2 using a trade deal. Player #2 then takes the money and puts it in
    his bank and leaves it there throughout his turns. He also saves up all money
    in the bank, adding it to player #1's funds. When #2 is done with his turns,
    he sends it back to #1. If there are more than 2 people in the group, #2
    would send the money to #3, who would do the same as #2.
        The next day, #1 will recieve the money and put it in his bank. He plays
    all of his turns, saving up all his money in the bank, and sends it back to
    #2, who does the same. This keeps going on day after day, until the money
    reaches 1.599 billion coins, which is the maximum amount you can get interest
    off of. At this point, 1.599 coins are left in the bank after each turn.
    The interest, usually 25-35 million per turn, can be "capped off" and spent
    on army. Then the player with the money plays his next turn, drawing another
    25-35 million coins in interest and spending it on army. On his last turn, he
    sends the 1.599 billion coins to the next player, who does the same as the
    first player. This cycle goes on day after day, and soon the players can have
    a sizable army to attack with.
    Player #1 plays turns and has 10 million coins.
    Player #1 sends the 10 million coins to player #2.
    Player #2 recieves the 10 million coins.
    Player #2 plays his turns, adding 10 million of his coins plus 2 million in
              interest. He sends the money back to player #1
    Player #1 recieves 22 million coins the next day.
    Player #1 plays his turns, adding 10 million of his coins plus 4 million in
              interest. He sends the money to player #2.
    <cycle repeats for several days>
    Player #1 recieves 1,599,999,999 (1.599 billion) coins. He plays one turn,
              leaving 1.599 billion in the bank at the end of the turn.
    Player #1 has about 1,630,000,000 in the bank the next turn. He withdraws all
              but 1.599 billion coins and spends it on army. At the end of the
              turn, he has 1.599 billion coins in the bank.
    Player #1 repeats this cycle until his last turn, in which he sends 1.599
              billion coins to player #2.
    Player #2 does the above, and the process starts over again.
    USING THE COW IN .950+
            Using the COW in versions .950+ require a fast turnaround time to
    another BBS (less than 24 hours). Get a partner on an ally BBS and do a COW
    with them via InterPlanetary trade deals. Works just the same as the v.910
    COW. Make sure you contact your partner and work out playings times.
    BRE Strategies - #41 Evading Pirates
    On turn #1 put ALL your military in the Trading Market (unless you plan to
    send them out on an attack this turn).  Play ALL your remaining turns with
    your military still in the Trading Market.  On your last turn, take them
    out of the Trading Market.  The Pirates can't touch your stuff while it's
    in the Trading Market.  They still have ONE turn in which they can take your
    stuff, but hey, that's better than 10-20 turns.....  More strategies coming
    BTW, this is for the 10-15% who don't know this strategy.  So please, PLEASE,
    don't write saying "I already knew that...", etc.  And who's the person who
    had that Bullwinkle tagline?  I laughed until I cried when I saw that one!
                                  THE BEST REGION
    What is the best money making region?  That question has been asked since the
    beginning of BRE.  In this file I will discuss the advantages and
    disadvantages of every money making region.  First I will list the four money
    making regions in regard to the amount of money they make:
                                    1) Coastal
                                    2) Desert
                                    3) River
                                    4) Mountain
    At first glance it looks like these would be the best choice, but they have
    a major downfall.  If your popular support falls, the income of these drops
    rapidly.  With 0% popular support they will make less than 300 coins per
    region, which means that if you have 1,000 coastal and 0% popular support
    then you will make less than 300,000 coins from them.  With 37% pop. support
    the coastals make about as much as Mountains do though.  If you're taken down
    to 0% pop. support then it will be very hard to recover and prevent yourself
    from going through civil war.
    After hearing why coastals might not be such a great investment you are
    probably thinking that deserts will be great, but they aren't that great.
    The amount of money that they make each turn varies greatly between each
    turn.  They go anywhere from making more than 3,000 a piece, to less than
    1,900 each.  If you deperately need money these might go on a bad streak
    and put you through civil war.
    Rivers actually make the most of any region on a turn which they produce
    money, but every once in a while they take a vacation and produce food.
    Sometimes they go three or more turns in a row without producing any money.
    If these produce food on a turn when you need to raise your morale or support
    these could put you through civil war.  NEVER rely on rivers to produce all
    your food, if your food gets bombed and the food bank gets bombed and your
    rivers go on a cash producing run it can put you through civil war too.
    ALWAYS have enough agriculturals on hand to produce all the food you need.
    The only disadvantages of mountain regions is that they make the least of all
    the money making regions.  Other than that they are the most stable region
    and will never fail you.  If you have enough of these you will always have
    money on hand to rescue you from anything.
    Final Analysis:
    The region you will rely on for making money depends on your playing style.
    If you are a more cautious player then you will probably want to go with
    mountains.  If you are a more daring player you will probably want to go with
    deserts.  I have noticed that a mix of all the regions works very well also.
    You might want to choose your 'main' region (Mountains, deserts, etc..) and
    go with a 2:1:1:1 (IE 2,000 Deserts, 1,000 Mountains, 1,000 River, and 1,000
    Coastals) or even a 3:1:1:1 mix or any other mix you like.
    Notes from the Author:
    When I'm in protection I buy almost all coastals, and then after that I go
    to a mix of 3:2:1.5:1 with Deserts, Coastals, Rivers, and Mountains
    respectfully.  If you are a player like me you might want to use that mix,
    but I recommend finding the mix that works best for you.
            Possibly the best strategy to use in a game of Barren Realms Elite is
    the Super Massive Moolah trick. This is when you invest until you get 2
    billion coins a day or more. 2 billion coins is the maximum you can have in
    or out of the bank at one time.
            There are several ways to do this. One way is to start a COW (cash on
    wheels) and then use the bank interest to fund investments which you invest
    for 240 hours. Another way (popular in .950+) is to save up money until you
    have 1.5 billion coins (doesn't really take that long) and then split them
    up into 10 different investments, one coming back each day. That is, you
    invest 150 coins for 24, 48, 72, 96, 120, 144, 168, 192, 216, and 240 hours.
    Then when each of these investments come back, you re-invest it for 240 hours
    to keep the cycle going.
            Eventually, your investments will total great than 770 million each.
    When this happens, invest only 770 million of the investment for 240 hours.
    The rest is yours to spend (I recommend buying army or agents). The 770
    million you invested for 240 hours will come back around 2 billion coins.
    When these 2 billion investments come back, you can do one of two things:
    1.) Invest 770 million of the 2 billion and spend the rest on army, bombs,
    2.) Invest two sets of 770 million from the 2 billion so you will get 4
        billion coins in 10 days instead of 2. Make sure that the investments
        come back at different hours, otherwise one will be held due to the fact
        that the bank can only hold 2 billion coins.
            Using this technique, you can, at the very least, be a factor in the
    league. For reference, 1.22 billion coins can buy about 8-10 million jets,
    depending on the prices. Don't forget about the carriers. With this kind of
    army you can attack entire BBS's several times a day, bringing in 1000+
    regions daily. You can also bomb the heck out of a foe to hinder their
    progress as well. Use your money wisely, and don't forget to re-invest 770
    million of the 2 billion.
                                " HYPER INVESTMENT "
        Well since you are reading this i will assume that you have read
    the instructions in the game or the instructions i have for d/l in
    the text file area.
        You are given 20 turns of protection in which you can not be
    attacked, the idea is to attain as many credits while in protection as
    you can. So on your first day you only take 2 turns.
    1st turn
    You will want to pay and feed all your poeple, sell ALL your military and
    buy as many income planets as you can, i recomend buying ore as they dont
    loose credits when in a time of war, you will need 4-5 food planets also.
    the purchase price of those items way up.
    2nd turn
    Pay and feed all your poeple and then with the rest of your credits
    you will INVEST it all at the bank, the bonds will pay you 10,000 credits
    at maturity ( which is in 36 real hours ) for a 7500 credit initial
    investment. Now that you have invested on your second turn you will
    now exit the game and wait for 36 real hours to play again.
    36 hours later you only one (1) turn
    You come into the game and pay and feed your poeple and reinvest every
    credit you have in the bonds, then log out of the game and wait for 36
    hours.  So now you have 17 turns of protection left to do this
    strategy. When you reach 1,000,000,000 or more credits and have 2-4
    turns of protection left you should use about half of your
    1,000,000,000 credits to buy covert agents, these can be sold later at
    a tremendous profit, you will have to get 30-40 government planets to
    house all those covert agents but it is well worth it.
    So now you have 500,000,000 credits left and you have to invest that
    again and wait 36 hours.
    Comin' out of protection
    Now you have around 9500 covert agents and your 500,000,000
    investment is now around 800,000,000 , if you have another turn of
    protection left i would advise buying more coverts and reinvesting
    again, if not then it is time to buy your military!!.
    Buying military
    First spend all your credits then go ahead and sell some coverts for
    big bucks to buy more military.
    Buy in this order
                     4000 Carriers
                   30,000 Heavy cruisers
                     4000 Generals
                   15,000 Defense stations
                   70,000 Fighters
                  100,000 Soldiers
    Now that you have a gigantic army you will not be able to feed and pay
    them on your second turn out of protection so you must repeatedly
    attack the largest empire in the game and obtain all the planets you
    can to be able to support such a large army.
        YOU MUST ATTACK THE BIG EMPIRE EVERY TURN or you will lose control
    of your empire from lack of food and money and you will plunge into
    cival war.

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