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    Some HINTS FOR Falcon's Eye (FE)
       Here's some hints, enjoy!!
                        Falcon's Eye Basic Hints & Tips
    Okay... so... you've played BRE... and you play BRE.  SRE and BRE were
    quite similar.  You could generaly guess which one was ment to be the
    missile base, and which the trooper.(in SRE that is).  Now mehul
    releases another smashing hit and there is nothing that resembles the
    old combat type.  Except the menus which are quite kewl.  So... how the
    hell are you gonna start.  Always loosing battles.  Always running out
    of food in the beginning of a game?  Well... some hints on getting the
    edge of Falcon's Eye.
                               -=Startup tactic=-
    Each race has its advantages and disadvantages.  For a wizard type
    realm that will depend on its wizards to a large extent... i would go
    with the ELVES, whereas for a normal game i go for HUMANs since they
    are an allround type race. :)
    When you start the game, the one thing that you need the most of is
    money.   Train half of your populace to ALCHEMIST, and the other half
    split between BUILDERS and FARMERS.
    I recomend you follow this for at least two days, then you stop with
    builders (you only need a few at the beginning of the game since most
    of the improvements are relativly cheap.)  The next most important is
    ARMORORS and then DRUIDS.  Dont buy blacksmiths until you have a
    smithy.  The armorors make more weapons, and if you are gonna get the
    edge... you are gonna want weapons.
    There are soo many improvements that in order to get the edge, you will
    have to make them quickly, and make the right ones.  For active games I
    find the FARM the most important one to build immediately, then the
    SMITHY, that will increase your Blacksmith's output.
      The next thing I do is that I max out on land.  Purchase as much land
    as possible.  That way you will get more people.  Thus more income and
    Okay... just a word of warning -
    This is the main cause of loss of money.  YOu spend too much money on
    maintainance of all those people... so what happens... you fall behind.
    Only spend them before your protection ends.   Read on until you get to
    the WAR section.  Very important you dont buy the wrong military.
    Once again I find relations more of major factor in this game.  Try and
    keep as many Free Trade agreements as possible... usualy 3, but only
    use 2 of your cultural alliances.  Keep the one for when you wage war
    on another person(local of coarse).   This keeps up your realm support,
    and the more that the realms like each other... the more likely you are
    gonna be able to get the falcon's eye.
    Okay... so you got your first 4 days quite well... you could either
    attack on your last turn and become an intimidator... To attack on your
    last turn would be quite good... except you must make sure that your
    target has a networth of less than yours.  Attack using CAPTURE PEOPLE.
                            You *HAVE* to winn this
    otherwise you are at a disadvantage the next round.  If you do win this
    combat... immediately put ALL of the people onto ARMORORS or
    BLACKSMITH(if you have the smithy).  That way you are ahead of the
    weapons race.   BTW: I suggest that you log on after midnight to follow
    up on your attacks... otherwise you are gonna be attacked, and *WILL*
    loose this early in the game.
                                 Normal Combat
    There are three types of combat.  CAPTURE LAND, CAPTURE PEOPLE and
    Each have their advantages and disadvantages.
     1) Capture Land
    This is only usefull if the person you are attacking has a lot of land.
    This land is usefull everyturn when you automaticaly get more people.
    Attacking a person for a few land clusters is not giving you a great
    enough return for your attack... UNLESS you get lard ammounts of land.
     2) Capture People
    I find this as the most important of the three attackforms.  When you
    win an attack of this type, it is important that you place most of
    your new people into the BLACKSMITH/ARMOROR catagory.   Weapons give
    you the edge over the other person... If he has more military than
    you... youve had it.
     3) Capture Resources
    This is probably only usefull when your opponent has a large number of
    resources... like stone(especialy usefull when you are trying to build
    monstrosities).  I dont use this very often.  nobody has much when
    there is a war.
                                 When to attack
    Well... assuming that the game is using the defaults.  Attack on your
    third turn.  You want to have built up as many weapons as possible so
    that you have more chances of winning.  Attack as late as possible in
    your turns.  It helps drasticaly when you are producing large amounts
    of weapons.  If possible, always follow your attack up after midnight.
                               What forces to get
    Now this is an important one... Many people like buying 50% nights, 25%
    bowmen, and 25% soldiers, leaving the small peasant out of sight.  Well
    if you do some calculations, the pesant is the most powerfull unit to
    buy in large masses.
        This little table helps to show what is more usefull.
        1000 weapons buy:
                      #  |  ATT |  DEF
        Peasants     500 | 1000 | 1000
        Swordsman    166 | 1000 |  500   < Spells enhance
        Bowman       166 |  500 |  830   < Spells enhance
        Knight       100 |  800 |  600
                         |      |
    So... if you can read a table, I am sure that you would get more out of
    your Peasants.   So... what the hell is so good bout the rest if
    peasants are soo good.
    Well... I like to see the peasants AND bowmen as the building blocks of
    combat.  You see... once you have the FIGHTERs GUILD and TRAINING
    GROUND improvements, your peasants get changed to Swordsmen at 1% a
    turn(your fighters guild does this) and they in turn get changed at 1%
    a turn into Knights.  This is a good investment in the long run.  The
    peasants get better in the long run, so in the end your attack and
    defense points go up automaticaly.
      Swordsmen have the advantage of sword strike, and Bowmen, flaming
    Bowmen are a bit unique.  There is nothing that upgrades their
    effectiveness like Peasants, except they do get the advantage of the
    --- FMail/386 1.02
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     From : Chris Lally                         3:640/771       Fri 15 Sep 95 09:02 
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     Subj : 2 FALCON'S EYE!!!!!!!!!                                                 
    Okay... so there are a couple of different types of people, and what on
    earth are you gonna get?
    Money is a necesaty that every realm needs. The more money you make,the
    better things on a whole are. Alchemists and Merchants are the labor
    that make silver.  Do not get too many Merchants as the prices drift
    as you get more merchants... since they all can sell stuff to the same
    At the beginning of the game, armorors are the ultimate thing to go for.
    Forget about blacksmiths until such time as you have a SMITHY imprvemnt
    Blacksmiths are very productive with the MINE improvement.
    Always have a few armorors... in case some earthquake just happens to be
    in your vicinity.
                          Runes, Stone and Scientists
    Druids are the only labor that produce runes.This is fueled by the WIZ
    TOWER.  Stone is a necesity you need to build some big structures.Always
    have a few stone on you.  Scientists are used to boost your technology.
    * NEVER be afraid to fire all your guys in these catagory and shunt
    them to money production and weapon production.
    I follow a simple ratio of the following people.
        FABASDMB   < That is the first letters of the labor on the lists.
        53252447   < That is about the ratios of what I would have my labor
    This gives you an all round realms production which is very usefull.
    In war, simply move everything from your druids, builders and scientests
    to armourors or blacksmiths.  Dont forget that you need food for your
    Something about the improvements is very important that you should take
    note of.   In order to get hold of the palace, castle and war
    college...  you MUST NOT get the churce improvement.  This blocks the
    temple... and in order for one to get the Pyramid for the dungeons...
    you need the Temple.
    I find that from the beginning of the game I work towards a few goals
    immediately.  Especialy if you are gonna try get the edge over people.
     1->  Farm
     2->  Smithy
     3->  Barracks          <-- Halt Weapon decay
     4->  Fighters Guild    <-- Convert peasants to swordsmen.
     5->  Training Grounds  <-- Convert swordsmen to knights.
     6->  Irrigation
     7->  Fairy Garden      <-- I am trying to work out what this does.
     8->  Waterwheel
     9->  Temple
    10->  Granary           <-- Halt food decay
    11->  Pyramid
    12->  Dungeons          <-- Usefull for war, very good.
    That is the rough order that I would purchase my improvements for
    various reasons.  That order gives you a good mix of things, and in
    turn, it gives you a good base in which you can build improvements.
    I do not suggest that you go for the church.  It will dissallow
    everything from dungeons onwards... that means no town walls, no castle
    no better imrovements.
    Going via the temple does get you the Wizards tower... If your sysop
    registers (which is *DEFINATELY* worth it).
    So... you are the wizard type... what better than a few spells now and
    then... which spheres of magic are you gonna take?
    There are a couple of ways you can go.  There is :
      Sorcery Spells - A definate must.  Gives you the spell called
                       sword strike which ends up being the best spell
                       that I find usefull.
      Nature Spells - These spells are usefull... except if your sysop
                       has registered (which is a *MUST*), then i would
                       suggest you take this.  The Earthquake makes your
                       enemy tremble... (excuse the pun).  Earthquake is
                       the only thing that can easily destroy an
      Life Spells - They have the nice spells of protection.  Pretty nice
                       for those chaotic guys theat like all those spells
                       that cause death and like effects.  The protection
                       spell is *VERY* nice for combat.  Gives you a slight
                       edge in combat.
      Death Spells - These are very evil spells... as such... very good.
                       I find them only usefull when the sysop has
                       registered.  I like the Black Wind.  Tends to put
                       a kink in things for the next 3 days/years.
      Chaos Spells - These are some of the prefered spells.  It contains
                       the flaming arrow spell which in turn is quite
                       good for your bowmen.
                       The Invisible magic spell is usefull for when you
                       are gonna be backstabbing your favorite ally :)
                                 -=Covert Ops=-
    Well... just a pity there arnt any.  The closest thing is probably the
    spells, and the treaty called   DENOUNCE COUNTRY from the relations
    Once again, technology plays an important roll... especially when you
    have large numbers of scientests.  Try keep the scientests at about 20%
    of your total realms population.

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