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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

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                          THE SIMPSONS: ITCHY & SCRATCHY LAND
                                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v1.0
                             Based on the NOKIA N73 Version
                           Written and Maintained by SubSane
                                Last Updated 2013.07.04
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        1.01 Game Details
        1.02 Story
    2.0 THE BASICS
        2.01 Game Start
        2.02 On-Screen Display
        2.03 Controls 'n Techniques
        2.04 Characters
        2.05 Mini Games
        3.01 Park Entrance
        3.02 Explosion Land
        3.03 Unnecessary Surgery Land
        3.04 Torture Land
        3.05 Searing Gas Pain Land
        3.06 Park Entrance: Final Battle!
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
        5.01 Version History
        5.02 Guide Credits
        5.03 Contact Information
        5.04 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================
                                  1.01  Game Details
    This is the second of three traditional video games based on 'The Simpsons'
    which were released for mobile platforms. It was preceded by the release of
    'The Simpsons: Minutes to Meltdown' for J2ME platforms in 2007 and followed by
    'The Simpsons Arcade' for J2ME and iOS platforms in late 2009.
    This game was released in early 2009.
                                      1.02  Story
    Run For Your Lives! It's The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Land! Just like in the
    classic Simpsons episode, Our Favorite Family's theme park outing is ruined by
    Itchy & Scratchy 'bots. Play as Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge as they survive
    Explosion Land, Unnecessary Surgery Land, Torture Land, and Searing Gas Pain
    Land. Kill the Kill 'bots with Bart's stink bomb slingshot. Build Bomb 'bots
    with Lisa's Robo-Generator. Blow 'bots to bits with Marge's vacuum gun. Life
    is a thrill ride with The Simpsons.
    ===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================
                                    2.01  Game Start
    Play Game: Continue a game in progress, or start a New Game.
    Settings: Adjust music, sound, and mute options.
    Help: View detailed instructions and information on how to play the game.
    About: View copyright and customer service information.
    Exit: Exit to your device's menu.
    Pause Menu: You can select ENTRANCE at the pause menu to return to the park
    entrance, or select Achievements to view the game's achievements and your
                                2.02  On-Screen Display
    Health: The red bar in the middle is Homer's health.
    Menu: Click the right softkey to access the pause menu.
    Enemy Counter: Some sections of the game will require you to destroy a certain
    number of robots. This appears at the top of the screen.
    Stink Bomb Meter: This appears in the top-right corner. It fills up as you hold
    the stink bomb button.
                              2.03  Controls 'n Techniques
    Command             |  Action
    D-pad               |  Move characters, aim slingshot and vacuum, navigate the
                           mine maze, move bowling ball
    Tap Left softkey    |  OK button, enter lands, use camera flashes, shoot
    Hold Left softkey   |  Create bigger stink clouds
    Right softkey       |  BACK selection in most menus
                                    2.04  Characters
    Homer: The main playable character in the game. Homer's goal is to go through
    each of the four lands and save his family and fellow citizens.
    Bart: Bart's special slingshot skillz help Homer defeat more of the robots.
    Lisa: Lisa figures out how to use the bombs against the robots.
    Marge: Marge's prowess with a vacuum is the stuff of video game legend.
    Itchy and Scratchy Robots: Die bad robots, die!
    Comic Book Guy: The sarcasm meter is off the scale when this guy appears.
    The Flanders Family: Ned, Rod, and Todd never knew what they were getting into
    when they decided to visit Itchy & Scratchy Land.
    Mr. Burns and Smithers: Burns is always looking to feel young, and perhaps
    running from robots is just what he needs. It's up to Smithers to keep him
    Cletus and Brandine: Yokels are the lifeblood of theme parks around the world.
    Mr. Van Houten and Milhouse: Milhouse's dad already pays a ton of money into
    child support. Unfortunately, a trip to an expensive theme park doesn't count.
    Agnes Skinner: Principal Skinner's mom needed some time away from her momma's
    boy of a son. A theme park is just the ticket.
                                    2.05  Mini Games
    Most of the game will require you to move Homer across obstacles and
    minefields. There are also mini games that appear when you encounter a member
    of the Simpson family.
    Homer's Bowling:
    -Press OK once to start the speed meter.
    -Press OK again to set the speed.
    -Press Left and Right to strafe the bowling ball.
    -Roll over powerups to collect them.
    Bart's Slingshot:
    -Shoot enemies with stink bombs from the slingshot
    -Hold the OK button to release bigger stink clouds.
    -Hit the switchers to turn on spikes and destroy enemies. Has a few seconds
     of cooldown.
    -Shoot hot dog vendors to get them to attack enemies.
    Lisa's Bomb Drop:
    -Move the cursor and set a bomb.
    -Press OK to launch a bomb.
    -Bombs have a wide AOE (area of effect).
    -Hit switchers to raise the spikes.
    -Spikes have a cooldown timer.
    Marge's Vacuum
    -Aim the vaccuum cone toward objects to suck them in.
    -Hit OK to suck highlighted objects.
    -Move the cursor toward the target.
    -Shoot the vacuum vendor to get a vacuum powerup.
    -Use the upgrade to suck in and destroy robots.
    -Upgrades lasts 9 seconds.
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================
                                  3.01  Park Entrance
    You'll begin as Homer in the Main Street area of Itchy and Scratchy Land. Read
    the helpful information from Comic Book Guy if you'd like the extra help, but
    it's simple: there's a member of the Simpson family trapped in each of the
    four lands. Complete each level to end the robot rampage.
    You will also encounter Springfield citizens who are in need of help. They'd
    prefer actual emergency care professionals who know how to save people, but
    they're not around, so Homer will have to do it. Poor citizens. Each citizen
    you collect in the four levels will appear next to the Itchy & Scratchy statue
    in the middle of Main Street.
    The levels have to be completed in this order:
    1. Explosion Land
    2. Unnecessary Surgery Land
    3. Torture Land
    4. Searing Gas Pain Land
    Follow the green arrows to get from one level to the next.
                                  3.02  Explosion Land
    Citizens in This Level: Rod Flanders, Mr. Burns, and Cletus
    Target Score: 400 Points
    Minefield 1:
    Make your way past the dirt, buzz saws, and spike traps to arrive at the first
    This level is based on traversing the minefields and not losing all of your
    health in the process. While each mine will bounce you along in the direction
    of the arrow, it will also take some of your health. It's crucial to pause in
    the gaps and trampolines along the way to recharge health.
    The single arrows push you into the next mine in that direction and the double
    arrows punt you over the adjacent mine to the next one. The rotating blue mines
    switch off, which means you need to watch the rotation and time your jumps
    to make sure they point in the desired direction. The blue arrows blink eight
    times before they switch.
    The first step is to plan your route. Figure out where you're headed and then
    trace the direction of the arrows. You can sometimes react when you're in the
    middle of the field, but it's best to plan ahead.
    Here are two layouts of the first minefield. One for getting to the citizen
    and one for getting to the exit arrow.
    <, >, v, ^ = The path arrows
    S = Start
    F = Finish
    C = Citizen
    - = Mines
    T = Trampoline
     - - - C
     - - - -
     - - - ^
     - - - T
     > > > >
     - - - -
     ^ < - -
       ^ - -
     - ^ - -
     - - - -
     - - - -
     - ^ < T
     > > > ^
     - - - -
     ^ < - -
       ^ - -
    Here's the second minefield.
     - - v - -
     - - - - -
     - - v - -
     - - v - -
     - - > > > F
    Continue from there and, after passing through another spike field, you'll find
    Bart at the exit.
    Slingshot 1:
    The next part requires you to aim the slingshot and attack the robots as they
    appear. Make sure the reticule is on the robot before you fire, though you can
    sometimes lead them and fire where you think they're going to stand. The hot
    dog vendor can be shot to release a wave of stink bombs across the field, but
    it's best to wait until there are multiple enemies on the screen. Killing
    multiple enemies will yield better combos and bonus points. Keep shooting the
    robots until you kill 23 of them. Make sure none of them touch Homer.
    Afterward, you'll assume control of Homer again. Walk past the next set of
    spikes and buzz saws until you get to the end of the path.
    Bowling Ball 1:
    The next area will require you to throw balling balls toward the top of the
    screen and use them to destroy robots but also dodge obstacles. First, you
    need to charge the bowling ball by stopping the charge bar at the top. This
    will ensure you have the maximum speed.
    If you crash into an obstacle you'll have to start again. You can use yellow
    crates and red barrels as explosive devices to destroy the robots in the way.
    Make sure to hit the bowling ball powerup to send out two extra bowling balls
    that can be used to destroy more enemies and get bonus points.
    Turn into the fans when you see them or they'll push you into a wall, and look
    out for the conveyor belts as well. These obstacles will try and derail you
    and cause you to start over. The cannon, however, is required for you to
    progress through the level. Make sure you hit that right in the middle.
    Continue along until you crash into a gate at the top.
    Bowling Ball 2:
    The next bowling ball section will be much like the previous. New additions to
    the obstacles include some mines which you need to use to hop over the trench
    in the path, and some steam clouds which can push you into a wall like the fans
    did. Keep an eye out for Mr. Burns as well who will be standing on the right
    side about halfway along. Crash through the gate to continue.
    You'll see two long stretches of buzz saw tracks. Wait for those saws to move
    to the far left and then quickly run into the alcove at the top. Wait there for
    the saws to move to the right and then run past them to the other side. Keep
    moving past the spikes to find the end of the path.
    Minefield 2:
    The spike beds and saws have a pattern to them which you can use to get past
    them. Afterward, you'll see some new robots wandering around the field. They
    won't follow you so you should have an easy time getting past them. Move onward
    to the first minefield.
    <, >, v, ^ = The path arrows
    S = Start
    F = Finish
    C = Citizen
    - = Mines
    T = Trampoline
    The first minefield.
       - - - - -
     S > > v > > F
       - - - - -
       - - T ^ -
    The second minefield.
       - > v - -
     S > ^ T > > F
       - - - - -
       - - - - -
    The third minefield: citizen path.
     - - - - v
     - - v - <
     - - T > v
     - - - v <
     - - - > v
     - T - - C
     - - - - -
     - - - - -
     - - - T -
     - - - - -
     - - - - -
    The third minefield: exit path.
     - - - - v
     - - v - <
     - - T > v
     - - - v <
     - - - > v
     - T < < C
     - v - - -
     - > - v -
     - - - T -
     - - v > <
     - - v - -
    Afterward, move along and use the gap in the crates to get past the long buzz
    saw tracks and to the end of the level.
                             3.03  Unnecessary Surgery Land
    Citizens in This Level: Todd Flanders, Milhouse, and Mr. Smithers
    Target Score: 600 Points
    Bowling Ball 1:
    Like before, launch the bowling ball at maximum speed. Take out the robots
    along the way. The obstacles here won't be anything difficult, though the
    fans that push the ball can be tricky. Look out for those.
    Bowling Ball 2:
    For starters, don't charge the ball at maximum. Keep it at half to 3/4 so that
    you don't roll through the area too quickly. Some of the obstacles will be
    tough to dodge, and it'll be easier to get the citizen if you're rolling
    This next area includes ball ramps which you must hit in order to fly over the
    barricades. You'll also reach a a fork in the road. The path on the left is
    the easier of the two. Roll along to the end to continue until you find Bart.
    Slingshot 1:
    It's 17 robots to destroy this time around. They'll come at Homer as slowly
    as before, and hot dog vendors will appear periodically. Remember to shoot them
    only when there are multiple robots on the screen.
    Once you destroy all the robots you can continue.
    Minefield 1:
    The next area will be full of minefields. It'll be mostly the same business
    as before, but there are also some new types of buttons to deal with. The
    switch arrows also change much more quickly than the ones in the first level.
    <, >, v, ^ = The path arrows
    S = Start
    F = Finish
    C = Citizen
    - = Mines
    T = Trampoline
    R = Red buttons
    The first minefield.
     > - R - F
     ^ T - -
     > ^ - -
     ^ - - -
    Once you hit the button you can move into the gaps above and below the buzz
    saw track to continue.
    The second minefield: citizen path.
       - - - - - - - - - -
       - - - - - - - - - -
       - - > T - - - - - -
     S > - ^ > C - - - - -
    The second minefield: exit path.
       - - - - - > v - - -
       - - - - - - T - - -
       - - > T - ^ v - - -
     S > - ^ > C ^ > - > > F
    Run past the robots to get to the three colored buttons in the hallway to the
    north. You can jump onto these buttons and change the color by repeatedly
    jumping. The goal is to change the color of all the buttons so that the pattern
    matches the one on the door. When the patterns match, the gate will open, and
    you'll be clear to proceed into the next area.
    The third minefield.
       - - - - - - - - - - v - v < - < S
       - - - - T < -   - v < - v - - - 
     F < < - < v ^ < < T < ^ - T - - - 
       - -   ^ < - - - - - ^ - < - - - 
    Run along and follow the path until you run into Lisa to end this section.
    Bomb Drop 1:
    Like Bart's mini game, this one requires you to aim with the reticule in order
    to send the bombs out and destroy the robots. The difference here is the
    cooldown period between each bomb. For this reason it's best to try and kill
    as many robots with each bomb as possible. It's also best to destroy them from
    as far away as possible or they'll gather up near Homer.
    Move along after this section to get to the end of the area.
    Slingshot 2:
    This slingshot section is the same as the last one. Keep an eye on the robots
    hiding behind desks so you can take them out before they lob a bomb at Homer.
    Otherwise, just keep firing until they're all destroyed.
    Run along quickly to get to the next area.
    Bowling Ball 3:
    This bowling ball section is like the previous ones, with a few extras. For
    one, there's a part of the run that looks like it's blocked. When you see this
    spot move to the right to roll underneath a surgery bed with a gap underneath.
    The third citizen in this level is also found here, just past the surgery bed
    Otherwise, roll along until you crash through the gate.
    Bowling Ball 4:
    This one's straightforward. Roll along and select either path when you reach
    the fork in the road. Both easily lead to the gate at the end.
    Run past the final set of spikes to continue to the end of the level.
                                   3.04  Torture Land
    Citizens in This Level: Brandine and Ned Flanders
    Target Score: 700 Points
    Minefield 1:
    Run past the first set of bombs and spikes to get to a set of colored buttons.
    You'll need to jump on the buttons to change the colors and match the pattern
    on the other side of the spikes. This will clear the spike wall and allow you
    to continue.
    The minefields will begin just after that.
    <, >, v, ^ = The path arrows
    S = Start
    F = Finish
    C = Citizen
    - = Mines
    T = Trampoline
    R = Red buttons
    The first minefield: citizen and exit path.
       - v < < - - v < < < - -
     F < < - ^ - - - - - T - -
       - - - T - - v - - ^ < < S
       - - - ^ - - T - - - - - 
       - - - C < - < - - - - - 
    The second minefield.
     - v - - 
     - - - -
     - v - -
     - v - -
     - v - -
     v T - -
     - - - -
     v - - -
     > > < v
     ^ - - -
     - - - v
    Run to the end of the path and exit the area.
    Bomb Drop 1:
    This section introduces a switcher for floor spikes. They'll kill the robots
    and block them from getting to Homer. The cooldown on the spikes means you'll
    still have to destroy some of the robots yourself. Lousy game, making you play
    it yourself.
    Afterward, you can continue on toward the end of the area.
    Bowling Ball 1:
    This one's as direct as it gets. Roll along and follow the path on the left
    to get to the gate at the end.
    Bowling Ball 2:
    This section will be slightly more difficult, so it's best to roll at about
    half speed. Watch for the mines to bounce over barricades and look out for
    sharp corners. You should be ready to turn the moment you see a wall or
    Bowling Ball 3:
    This one's short and sweet. Look out for the second citizen on the right side
    of the path and then roll on to exit.
    Slingshot 1:
    The obstacle here is the two columns in the middle of the room. They'll block
    you from shooting robots at an angle. Just wait for those hard-to-reach robots
    to walk out into the path of your slingshot.
    Follow the path past the spikes to find Marge at the end.
    Vacuum 1:
    This new mini game has different controls than the others. Point the
    cone-of-suck at nearby objects to suck them in, then point the vacuum at robots
    and shoot the object. Rinse and repeat. You can also bank shots off the walls
    and obstacles.
    Run down past the sets of buzz saws and spikes to get to the end.
    Slingshot 2:
    The problem here is that buzz saw that'll constantly get in the way and block
    your shots. Make good use of the hot dog vendors and don't waste time shooting
    at the robots who appear in the upper-right corner. Any shots in that direction
    will probably be blocked by the buzz saw. Wait for those enemies to get closer
    before you shoot them.
    Run past the final sets of floor spikes and bombs to get to the end.
    Vacuum 2:
    This one's slightly more difficult due to the barrier between Marge and Homer.
    You'll have to grab an object and then bank the shot off the top wall to reach
    the robots on the other side. Most of them should be easy to hit if you bank
    objects off the far left side of that wall. Clear them out to continue into the
    next hallway of spikes and buzz saws.
    Get to the end of the path to complete the level.
                              3.05  Searing Gas Pain Land
    Citizens in This Level: Mr. Van Houten and Agnes Skinner
    Target Score: 700 Points
    Slingshot 1:
    This mini game includes a switcher for the floor spikes. Use them when enemies
    are closing in from above and below. Otherwise, the robots here die just as
    easily as in previous slingshot sections. Shoot before they get close to Homer.
    Run past the next sets of spikes and bombs to get to the next area.
    Bowling 1:
    This level has a new type of ramp: water geysers. They appear as small round
    pools of water next to a barrier, but work just like other ramps. Hit them as
    you roll up to continue. There's also a citizen on the right side of the path
    that you'll need to crash into a wall for, but it's worth the points.
    The second new obstacle are raft bridges across a river. There'll be a moving
    raft in each bridge, but you should always make it across as long as you move
    Run past the final obstacles to complete the area.
    Vacuum 1:
    This vacuum section introduces a new powerup that allows you to suck in robots.
    Hit the vacuum vendor to get the powerup and unleash sucking hell on those
    Itchy & Scratchy bots!
    Run ahead past the floor spikes to move on.
    Geyser Field 1:
    They've traded the mines for geysers, but it works the same way.
    <, >, v, ^ = The path arrows
    S = Start
    F = Finish
    C = Citizen
    - = Mines
    T = Trampoline
    The first geyser field.
     S > - v - - - - - - 
       - - v - T > v - - 
       - - v > ^ - v > v 
       - - - - - > T ^ > F
       - - T ^ - - - - - 
    Once you've cleared it you'll see more of those colored buttons. Change them
    to match the pattern next to the floor spikes and open the path.
    The second geyser field.
       - - - - - - - - - -
       - - - T - - - - - -
       - - - v - > v - - -
     S > > - ^ - - T > > > F
       - - - > - ^ - - - -
    The next path to the exit will have--surprise--spikes!
    Vacuum 2:
    Easy peezy. Kill the robots, take the powerups from the vacuum vendor, and
    save the girl. Uh, I mean Homer. Save Homer.
    More spikes ahead. Watch your feet.
    Bowling 2:
    The first ball's easy. Roll along and stick to the right side. The bridge will
    include a tricky corner and a moving raft, but nothing too tough.
    Then it's another stretch on foot. The alternating floor spikes shouldn't be
    challenging at this point, and the buzz saw tracks are wide enough to easily
    traverse them. Onward!
    Lots o' Spikes coming up. Keep going and watch the timing on the floor spikes.
    Then there'll be a small area littered with walking bombs. The best way to get
    around them is to walk along the top and head to the empty space to the right,
    nearest to the large tree. Head south from there to exit.
                           3.06  Park Entrance: Final Battle!
    This is it! A final, climactic battle against the demented forces of mechanical
    mayhem! So, you know, whip out your camera and start flashing.
    The Itchy and Scratchy robots will appear in waves of four. Your time is
    limited, so you'll need to move from one group to the next and quickly flash
    them to death. Move around the central plaza in a counter-clockwise path and
    you'll encounter plenty of enemies.
    Once you hit 28 robots you'll be done with the battle, the game, and...
    YOUR LIFE!!!
    Well, no. Not your life. That keeps going. Look out for floor spikes.
    ===== 4.0 ACHIEVEMENTS ========================================================
    Official Achievements:
    Killing 200 Enemies - Killed during progression through the game.
    50x Combos - Collect these during the slingshot, bowling, bomb drop, and vacuum
    mini games.
    Saving 10 Citizens - Save the 10 citizens in the four lands.
      - Level 1: Rod Flanders, Mr. Burns, and Cletus
      - Level 2: Todd Flanders, Milhouse, and Mr. Smithers
      - Level 3: Brandine and Ned Flanders
      - Level 4: Mr. Van Houten and Agnes Skinner
    Other Achievements:
    Medals - Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals are awarded based on your score in
    each level. Complete the bowling and mine maze sections as quickly as possible
    to get max points there. Score lots of combos in the slingshot, bomb drop, and
    vacuum sections to get even more points.
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================
                                  5.01  Version History
    2013.07.04 - Version 1.0: Guide completed.
                                   5.02  Guide Credits
    Thanks to these folks...
    1. The people who made the game, including EA Mobile, G5 Entertainment AB, and
    Alex Mauer.
    2. Wilson Lau for his excellent guide to 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants'. It
    inspired the over 60 guides I've written to date.
    3. You for reading.
                                5.03  Contact Information
    subsane at gmail dot com
                                   5.04  Legal Stuff
    1. The Simpsons (TM) and (C) 2008 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Game
    software (C) 2008 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved. All other
    trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
    2. This guide copyright (C) 2013 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely
    as long as it remains in its ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for
    private use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    If I should discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
    displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that

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