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  Hot: Interest Topic
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Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #6906 - What are you most thankful for?
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  Hot: Lucky 7s
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  Hot: Bot's Domain Party 2
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The Epic Struggle
  Hot: ## The Epic Struggle 4 ~ Down to Single Digits (7) ##
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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Your dream games you want.
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Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Best Buy Black Friday deals are up
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Xbox One
  Hot: Digital Foundry--Hitman on Xbox One X piles on the upgrades
129K 2.39M 24 seconds ago24s
  Hot: Should I upgrade my processor?
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Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: Which pokemon game should I buy?
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Poll of the Day
  Hot: Favorite Disney villain?
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  Hot: Pokemon Random Battle League, Season 4 Week 7 [PRBL]
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