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Persona 5
  Hot: Someone gave P5 a low score for being "hopelessly male."
9.68K 116K 34 seconds ago34s
Pokemon Sun / Moon - Trading
  Hot: [GTS Giveaway] G7 Starters (Shiny)
34.6K 767K 20 seconds ago20s
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  Hot: What weapon type do you find yourself using the least if at all
13.7K 192K 42 seconds ago42s
Pokemon Sun
  Hot: Is dragon a good typing?
64.6K 1.22M 0 seconds ago0s
Dark Souls III
  Hot: This or bloodborne
55.5K 790K 4 minutes ago4m

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  A Superhuman-themed RP set in the town of Summer's End...
6 1.01K 1 minute ago1m
Dragon Quest General
  Community for the Dragon Quest series, mainline and...
67 779 38 minutes ago38m
Sonic the Hedgehog General
  Hot: Sonic R was a classic.
41 1.37K 5 minutes ago5m
PlayStation VR
  Hot: Starblood Arena Review-in-Progress
307 2.28K 9 minutes ago9m
Writers' Den
  A board where friends can discuss writers, fiction and...
41 442 14 minutes ago14m

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  Hot: France lounge
88.3K 2.28M 2 seconds ago2s
Sports and Racing - NBA
  Hot: Cavaliers @ Pacers Game 4
221K 2.91M 45 seconds ago45s
Anime and Manga - Other Titles
  Hot: Serious question: does the author of Eromanga have problems?
124K 2.62M 25 seconds ago25s
Sports and Racing - NFL
  Hot: Official 2017 NFLB SummerSim Signup Topic
213K 3.62M 20 seconds ago20s
Dragon Ball - General
  Hot: I am already bored with the hype for GOHAN
25.8K 519K 2 minutes ago2m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: its official: physical is dying; digital is the only way
204K 4.18M 9 seconds ago9s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Nintendo censored King of Fighters 98 on Switch!
24.1K 522K 13 seconds ago13s
Xbox One
  Hot: Scorpio will be 799 at least in my opinion
117K 2.15M 10 seconds ago10s
  Hot: Is Morrowind the greatest game ever made?
113K 1.81M 58 seconds ago58s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: Do you like Plutia from Hyperdimension Neptunia?
109K 1.89M 6 minutes ago6m

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Site Suggestions
  Hot: Need a "Hide Topic" option.
22 215 1 minute ago1m
Ask the Mods
  Hot: Mistake in dispute
4.93K 21.6K 2 hours ago2h
Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #2956: The Top 10 Neptunia Games on PS Vita, by dancer62
19 509 2 hours ago2h
Message Board Help
  Hot: Managing my ignore list
1.33K 8.34K 17 hours ago17h
GameFAQs Contributors - FAQs and Guides
  Hot: ***Ongoing FAQ Progress***
667 17K 7 hours ago7h

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Save My Favourite Anime Series IV - Round 50
191 18.5K 21 seconds ago21s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: Do you support GMOs?
509 12K 2 minutes ago2m

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