Any of you actively play LoL?

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User Info: iLikeQ

4 years ago#1
And if so what division are you guys in and what champions do you guys use?

User Info: OTACON120

4 years ago#2
I've been playing for a few years, but I've never really done anything in terms of ranked matches, though I'd like to eventually start playing ranked when I have more time to play LoL more consistently. Of the few ranked games I've played, all of them were losses due to everyone on my team in those games having absolutely no cohesion with the rest of the team, resulting in less than ideal play coming from my team as a whole. Really turned me off from trying ranked for some time.

I play mainly support (I generally tend to go with Soraka, Janna, Kayle, and generally tend to use support builds for any champs where such a build is viable), though I enjoy doing the occasional jungle or mid as well (usually with Vi and Morgana, respectively). I'm looking forward to the changes Riot has been talking about making for season 4 with jungling and supports. :)

My summoner name is "Argo Wizbang" if you ever want to play with me. :)

EDIT: That goes for anyone else reading this topic who plays LoL, as well. Feel free to add me! :D
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