the word Ghetto

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User Info: CF_Woodward

3 years ago#1
Ghetto is not a fun adjective to use to describe whatever people think is lackluster or poor.
Ghetto is not a lifestyle that people choose to live.
Ghetto isn't a look.

A ghetto is what my great grandpa starved and almost died. Where he was held against his will. Where he seen his loved ones kill and be killed.

It is offensive to see people throw this word around willy-nilly, like they weren't real places where people were sent to die.

I ask all moderators start looking at the context when the word is used and is marked as offensive.

I know i'm not the only one on these boards with these feelings. It's been discussed before, and the userbase would like to see something done about it in the future.

Thank you.
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User Info: Crazymaori

3 years ago#2
If used in an offensive content, it will be removed. Feel free to mark posts which use the word in an offensive manner and we will moderate them appropriately. Obviously the word can be used in a non-offensive manner, so we aren't going to delete every post that has the word ghetto in it.
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