How many mods are there? Are any of the mods female?

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User Info: bookwormbabe29

3 years ago#1
Topic. I'm curious to this as I have seen far too many sexist comments on this site. I use to report a lot of them and never saw much come of it. I report it less and less now, and even when I do I don't think I have ever seen anything done about it. I don't even go near the Books and Literature board anymore it was so bad there. It's really depressing, and the main reason I stopped using the site for a long while.

Are the mods so understaffed they can't handle it all? Are there so many other offenses this stuff is deemed small (when it really shouldn't be)? Are the mods mostly guys and don't get why these comments are offensive? I don't know, and I keep wondering about this stuff when it comes up.

I don't mean to offend anyone or accuse any of the mods, so I apologize if that isn't clear by words alone. I'm just confused and a tad hurt that this stuff still happens, that people get away with this still. It's bad enough that the real world is a mess with glass ceilings, cops who blame rape victims, and idiots trying to make my gay marriage illegal. I play games to escape that madness for a few hours, and don't need the reminders on a gaming site.

Sorry, letting myself get distracted. In my wondering how this happens, I was curious to know how many mods are there, and how many are women. Thank you.
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User Info: Tarrun

3 years ago#2
There are about 57 or so moderators at the moment, and yes we have women on the team.

Regarding the real purpose of your topic, we do care about how women are treated here and I think that we do a pretty good job of putting ourselves in others shoes when reviewing someone's comments regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. If you think a post may be offensive in a more subtle way, though, you can use the Other box on the message detail page to write a short description that would help provide more clarity.
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  3. How many mods are there? Are any of the mods female?

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