Clarification on exactly why this is a banned word

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User Info: 71ravn

3 years ago#1
Because someone asked a seemingly innocent question, and I assumed it could be either, so I gave two answers -- one if the question was actually what it meant, and the other if it meant something else entirely that I wasn't aware of; regarding the second, it could be an in-game term I'm not aware of, an inside joke -- any number of things for all I know, so I was trying to cover my rear, just in case. In explaining the second, I had planned to cite Urban Dictionary as reason for my caution, but apparently it's a banned word (when put together).

I've read over the Board Etiquette ( and can't find exactly what is wrong with just referencing the sheer variety of contributed definitions/interpretations that site gets to any single word in the dictionary.
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User Info: Crazymaori

3 years ago#2
Linking to Urban Dictionary isn't allowed. You can say it, just not link to it. Don't ask me why, it was added to the censor waaaay before my time.
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User Info: Mutated Spleen

Mutated Spleen
3 years ago#3
This is pure speculation, but I'm guessing it's for similar reasons to why that one stupid image hosting site (Tinypic, I think?) is on the auto-flag list or whatever (ironically, this post will be auto-flagged, haha).

People can edit those pages to say whatever they want, and given the nature of the site, it's something which has a ton of stuff that wouldn't make it through the censor requirements of these boards, so it makes more sense to just block the whole site than to have to look at each and every one to make sure it's not an issue.

Again, though, that's pure speculation.
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User Info: Mike1494

3 years ago#4
I want to say like 10 years ago people were using the site to harrass mods and make dumb/offensive page about them.
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User Info: OTACON120

3 years ago#5
I recently handled a dispute regarding linking to that site, and this is the reasoning SBAllen gave to someone who was essentially asking the same thing:

"UD isn't a real dictionary and anyone can submit an entry. In the past, users have taken advantage of this to submit entries mocking other users. In addition, UD is filled to capacity with all kinds of offensive terminology that you cannot post on our site."
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User Info: 71ravn

3 years ago#6
Ah. Thanks for clearing that up, guys.
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