GWAR: July 30-August 3

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User Info: SBAllen

5 years ago#1
Howdy all and welcome to this week's edition of the GameFAQs Weekly Activity Report! Cool, I actually still remember what that actually stands for.

I guess I can start with the biggest update of the week, which was dropping the new user polls feature down to Level 30 users. The "new car smell" has started to wear off a bit so the boards aren't being flooded by polls anymore, which is nice. From the looks of things, most polls being created now are people actually wanting to poll people about something. All in all it looks like we hit a home run with this addition, with 7842 polls having been created so far with a total of 509654 votes, which averages out to about 65 votes per poll. The average poll so far has 5.74 options and the poll with the most votes so far has 2044 votes.

We also added in a few user requested features this week as well. We added a hit counter for Top 10 lists, something that just fell through the cracks before now. We couldn't do it retroactively, unfortunately, but all future Top 10s will have this feature from now on and all older Top 10s will at least have counts since a few days ago.

We also added the ability to highlight your own posts, similar to how you can already highlight posts made by people on your friend list. We even allowed you to use a different color for your own posts to make them stand out from the posts made by your friends.

The most requested feature that we added this week was a means of searching your PMs. We decided to implement it in a manner where you could search everything (sender/recipient name, title, message) in a particular box at once. Originally we thought about allowing you to search all three boxes at the same time but decided against it, as displaying the results wouldn't look pretty and it would be complicated to allow features like mass deletion from the results page. We are quite happy with the results and hope that you are as well.

Looking into the future, the next big project that is currently being worked on is a universal user profile. Right now, users have several different user profiles, including a message board profile, contributor profile, answers profile, wiki profile, my games profile, etc. We are going to group them all together to give everyone a single place to view all of their information. This will also result in a really nice URL for users to share with friends. For example, all of my info would be on instead of in the various places they are currently listed.

Once we have this universal profile up and running, we can start doing all kinds of cool and fun stuff that just didn't make sense before. More on this later though, so check us out here and on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news!
Um, not to criticize science or anything, but wouldn't it be easier just to call it "the pink one"?
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