GWAR: November 12-16

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User Info: SBAllen

4 years ago#1
Howdy all. The first big thing of note this week is that we launched the GameFAQs t-shirt design contest over on the GameFAQs Competitions board. You can find the link to the topic here:

We'll be running this contest all through next week and then finalizing the winners the following week.

Also, we've decided to show a sneak peek at one of the big projects that we're working on, an online FAQ/Wiki Editor!

The screenshots below are for Formatted FAQs or Wiki edits, but we'll also be offering up an online editor for regular FAQs as well, to help with line count and such. All versions will allow you to edit your guides directly on the site and submit them right away without having to use a text editor and then upload the guide to us.

This is just a simple screenshot to show how the editor currently looks. Mind you, this is almost guaranteed to change as we've got a lot of work to go on this thing.

As you can see, there are simple buttons to click to produce the markup code for the guide. As you create the guide, you'll see exactly how it is going to look. For instance, here you can see that you're creating a "Header 3".

There is a table creator as well, which will make creating tables a lot easier than the current markup.

We still have to add in some of the newer table features, but they will be there. Hopefully, you can imagine the benefits of having an online FAQ/Wiki Editor!

That's all we'll be showing for now. Keep checking in for more updates on this and other projects as we progress through them!
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