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GWAR: January 14-18

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User Info: SBAllen

4 years ago#1
Howdy all. Devin came down with the flu over the weekend and was out of action for a few days. Originally, he was planning to upgrade the FAQ Editor to a functional beta today, but now we'll be pushing that back to Tuesday of next week. He just needs to put the final touches on the editor and ensure that users can save from it and upload a file into it.

I wanted to take the rest of the GWAR to address something that came up this week. I want to talk about FAQ Bounties. We had an issue this week where an author created a quick guide for a game and filed for the bounty. Without the knowledge that the guide wasn't really complete, I had accepted the bounty. When it was brought to my attention that the guide was poor and didn't help the reader at all, I rescinded the bounty and today I awarded it to someone else.

There is a reason that bounties aren't paid out the same day that they are accepted. If we're going to pay an author for a guide, especially for a $60 bounty, we want to make sure that the guide is actually worth the bounty. We have an incredibly diligent group of authors who frequent the site and they are quick to let me know when something is wrong with a guide, be it plagiarism or a poor guide sneaking in on a bounty, etc.

This actually isn't the first case where this has happened before, but it's not really something that's ever been formally discussed and put out into the public before. I think some people tend to forget that every single contribution to the site is approved by only one guy. Or rather, perhaps it could be said that some people actually take advantage of that knowledge. It's impossible for me to know every detail of every game, so I generally have to take the word of the contributor in terms of completeness and accuracy of a guide. I can be wrong. I'm a human. We're known for being wrong. That doesn't mean that we are going to award laziness and/or deception from authors who are looking for a quick payout. It isn't fair to the other FAQ writers, to me, or to the users who were lead to believe that we had a full guide for a hot new game when we didn't.

Since this seems to be a recurring thing, I'm thinking that I'm just going to have to be a lot more stringent about what we award a bounty for. I can't trust that a guide that appears to have a beginning and an end for a walkthrough is actually a complete guide and not just a description/narrative of the game. We don't want to let down our users who depend on us for quality guides, and paying out contributors for subpar work will ultimately lead to the overall quality of our site's guides declining as everyone rushes to get the bounty first.
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