GWAR: February 18-22

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User Info: SBAllen

4 years ago#1
Howdy all. We plan to roll out two big updates next week. One of them I've mentioned before and will go into more details below. The other will only be revealed once it goes live, which will hopefully be next week unless something odd happens.

So now, let's talk about the first feature. As mentioned before, we are planning to pull out Achievements (Xbox 360 and Steam) and Trophies from the regular Cheats. The first phase of this project will be going into effect next week.

For the first phase, we'll be moving these items to a separate portion of the Cheats tab, similar to how the Home tab is divided. First are foremost, when these are added for a game, the Cheats tab will NOT have the NEW icon show up anymore. Second, the Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3/Vita Trophies will have a third field added to the entry form to input the values of each row (number of gamerscore for 360, trophy type for PS3).

The next phase will be coming in early March. In this phase, we'll allow for users to submit the graphic tiles that go along with Achievements and Trophies. In order to facilitate this, we'll be allowing users to submit updates to cheats already on the site, something that currently cannot be done. More on that as we move along. We'll also be looking into how we want to handle the non-Steam PC Achievements as well as mobile Achievements at this time.

Finally, either bundled with the second phase or in a separate third phase we'll be allowing users to flag secret Achievements and Trophies so that they don't show up by default in the list. Users will have various options on how to display them.

That about covers that. As I mentioned, the other project is one we've been keeping under wraps and don't want to discuss until it launches, which will hopefully be next week. Stay tuned!
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