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GWAR: March 4-8

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User Info: SBAllen

4 years ago#1
Howdy all. This week saw a few additions to the site. The first change is that we added an "Included in Compilation" portion to the release data page for games that are included in compilation titles. Here's an example:

We've also updated the Company pages, allowing you to filter results by whether the company was the developer or publisher for the titles.

A few minor tweaks were made to the Formatted FAQ Editor, including adding a link to it in the Contribute tab as well as allowing you to delete documents from your list.

Finally, we've updated the cheats submission form to allow for more information to be added for achievements and trophies. We've done some thinking about the idea of pulling them off into a separate tab and have currently decided against it, though we'll still do something soon to solve the problems that having them there can cause.

Devin will be doing next week's GWAR as I won't be around for the latter half of the week.
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