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Community Manager Position Being Filled Soon

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User Info: SBAllen

2 years ago#1
I know it has been a long time since we originally announced the part time Community Manager position, but we had some behind the scenes issues at CBS Interactive that caused us to have to put that hire on hold.

Now, we're finally ready to make that hire, but we want to make sure that everyone who is interested has had the chance to submit a resume, and we'd like to allow those who submitted a resume before to submit an updated version if they would like. Also on the other side of the coin, if anyone applied before and is no longer interested for any reason, we'd like to allow them a chance to withdraw their resume.

If you're interested in applying or updating your original submission, you can find all of the relevant information and the form to submit your resume here:

If you are no longer interested, you can withdraw your resume by going to the following link, locating the resume feedback ticket, and pulling it:

This is the last chance to show your interest as we'll be moving to fill this position as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.
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