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User Info: samwise753

4 years ago#1
Since no one I know personally even cares about Diablo 1 anymore, I came to this board to share a very little story about my current Diablo 1 exploits.

So I am well on my way of making a legitimate warrior that can solo Hell/Hell. I recently have been doing Hell/Catacombs runs to gain experience and find the last, final, and very elusive Enchanted Shrine to get my Teleport spell to level 8. So, after clearing 5-8, and finding that Enchanted Shrine, I'm feeling pretty good, and I'm only about 10 million Exp away from hitting level 38, so I decide to keep pushing through to the caves. I finish off level 9 without too much trouble, and go on down to level 10. And this is were I screw up.

I'm up against both Magma demons and those Lightning beasts. I get a little too over zealous, and I activate too many at once. I was actually killing a few, and probably could have finished them off if I had only grabbed a potion quicker. So I'm like no worries, I'll put on all my magic gear (Dreamflange, Naj's Light Plate, 3 jewels of Wizardry) and mini-mage my way back to my equipment. It starts out all right, but the lack of AC and no shield left me at too much of a disadvantage. So I retreat around the corner to, yes, the entrance up to level 9. They swarm me and I die right there at the stairs to level 9. Major rookie mistake, and all I can think of is, "holy crap, my equipment is all gone!". I'm glad my grandmother wasn't around to hear the words I was uttering.

I regain my composure and start to think of a plan to get my equipment back. In case you were wondering, my equipment is as follows:

Awesome Great Helm of the Tiger
King's Bastard Sword
Blessed Tower Shield
Awesome Full Plate Mail
Jade Amulet of Perfection
Obsidian Ring
Dragon's Ring of the Zodiac (this alone made me want to cry)

I know there's better, but it took a lot just to get this stuff. So, after several deaths, I acknowledge that going down from level 9 won't work; with no AC, auto-hit drops me instantly. I decide that I must work my way up through level 13, 12, 11, and finally 10 using very careful minimage tactics. The plan is to activate 1-3 monsters at a time, stone curse them, and punch them; my strength was 235, so my base damage was high, and I don't need any To Hit% on stone cursed monsters.

To not make this any longer, this tactic actually worked, though it took me about 3 hours, lots of dying (the auto hit on Hell difficulty was a b*&%h!), and lots of gold spent on mana potions (my Inventory is full of jewels I could sell; also why I have no backup shield and still don't) to get back to my equipment.

All I can say is I love this game. The fact that this tactic was even available is one of things that makes this game the best in the series. That both Rogues and Warriors can use magic means you are never without an option.

Again, I just wanted to rap with some people about this; only one of my friends would even be remotely interested; he'd tell me that Diablo II is better, and III is out anyway. No appreciation for the classics I tell you, none. Not the most epic story of Diablo, but, I have to say, it was a pretty dang good feeling when I reached my equipment again. Cheers.

User Info: LennyLen

4 years ago#2
Good job on the gear recovery.
- LennyLen (Not to be confused with LennyLen)

User Info: Recoome_is_god

4 years ago#3
Quite a good read, brought back some memories of LAN gaming on this and all the desperate fights we often went through ourselves to recover lost gear.
The noblest of all dogs is the hot dog: it feeds the hand that bites it.
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User Info: colebro

4 years ago#4
good recovery sounds like you know quite a bit about the tactics. its a lot easier to get your stuff back with a sorcerer it still stings tho losing half your gold. diablo II does a lot right but after playing this wish they kept the difficulty up.

i play a fair amount if you need someone to trade with give me a shout. i dont mind keeping things you are looking for. i got two comps i just use to move items around. i can keep str and dex elixers for you
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