Essential Mods (Steam)?

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User Info: MidgardDragon99

4 years ago#1
Now that this is on Steam I am actually considering playing it again. I would like to know if there are any essential mods that will definitely work with this version, and if so which. I am mainly interested in getting improved graphics and especially fixing the music closer to its original PS1 format. I understand there are a few things released to do this with the music, can anyone tell me which one is closest to definitive? And again, any graphical improvement mods would be great.

I found this:

But it says modding it will lose cloud saves and achievements, which defeats the point of having this version entirely, so my question is directed at modding this version solely and NOT converting it back to the 1998 version in order to mod.
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User Info: henzler3

4 years ago#2
from my exp you can launch the steam version but stuff like the background, will be old crappy, but yea, its sorta pointless unless you just want to play the game and not care about achiv, which most gamers do now in these days
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