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User Info: SneakyHeather

8 months ago#1
1. Any serious RP should have 2, at most 3 threads: A rules/signup thread, a thread for the RP itself, and, should the RP get big enough and find itself needing one, an OOC discussion thread. It's up to the Game Master(GM for short), who is the one in charge of the RP, to make them. No RP should have nor need any more than these two to three threads. Note the word "serious" here. Casual RPs should only need one thread.

2. Use spoiler tags for OOC discussion. If need be, an RP can have an OOC discussion thread, but only if it finds itself big enough to need one.

3. No godmodding, unless explicitly allowed by the GM

4. Try to keep your actions realistic within the constraints of a given RP's world. Don't be drinking Pepsi in an FE RP, or travelling around by throwing bombs at the ground in a normal high school RP, for example.

5. Keep discussions civil and your criticisms constructive.

6. Don't be in two places at once, unless an RP explicitly allows for it.

7. Any serious RP should have a consistent RP format outlined in its rules/signup thread.

For instance:

Character: *action* dialogue. thoughts.

8. No self-inserts, unless explicitly allowed by a given RP's GM.

9. Don't try to pass of a character from an existing work of fiction as your own. Expies and even just straight up RPing as the character(with maybe slight modifications to make them fit the RP's setting) are fine provided the GM allows them, but in the latter case, you should make it explicitly clear that the character you're submitting isn't yours.

10. Erotic RPing should be done either via PMs or Google docs, or somewhere else that isn't the main RP thread. Not everyone wants to see your characters RP f***.

11. Lastly, in addition to the above, follow whatever rules the GM sets for their RP. Violations of any of these rules or those set by a given RP's GM will leave you liable to get moderated.
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User Info: Monument7

8 months ago#2
12. Have fun!

User Info: gwwak

7 months ago#3
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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