Did a playthrough for old times' sake

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User Info: CompyFranko

4 years ago#1
So I don't really play computer games anymore, but I got a new computer recently with a lot more memory than my last computer. I considered what I could put on this new thing to use up some of the space. Then I remembered my old favorite PC game Homeworld.

I have really fond memories of this game. The first time I saw it. The storyline. Talking about it with friends and family. I loved this game so much, I used to do a playthrough every year just for tradition. But that ended awhile ago.

Man, would this old game even be able to run on the new operating systems out these days? Only one way to find out. I scoured through my CDs, not knowing if I still had it. I got to the last stack thinking it must be lost in the sands of time, but then, there it was.

Would I need a CD key? Oh, it was there on the CD slip. What about the last patch available for it, would I be able to get that somehow? I installed it, and it started up just fine. I remember getting the game of the year edition, but for some reason my disk was v1.0. I looked around real quick for a patch update option, but couldn't find one, so I just decided to play.

A lot of my expectations in game have changed since back when this came out. I turned up the graphics to the highest resolution, but was surprised at how polygonal everything was. It wasn't a deal breaker, and I had to admit to myself, I was probably expecting the HW2 graphics.

The intro was still mesmerizing, but I was distracted because I wanted to get my space RTS action. My skills in RTS have really improved from the first time I played this. I don't want to admit it, but Starcraft had a lot to do with that. I remember the first time I played, I absolutely could not beat the Garden of Kadesh levels. This playthrough I was breezing through them. I even destroyed the enemy motherships before the objectives prompted for it, which kind of resulted in a small wait while the game figured it out.

But, like I said, my expectations have changed, and taking away Waypoint commands is a hard thing for a gamer who's used to them. I accepted the challenged and put my micro to the test. It was more challenging and more rewarding in the end.

I didn't want to whore out any salvage tactics or mass ion canons, I played with the best strategy I could muster with my own units. I did salvage, but only in cases where it would have been infeasible not to.

In late game, I started missing that patch. Just like my original experience, the game somehow wouldn't let me construct Heavy Cruisers. I got annoyed. Finally, I found a patch for v1.05 online, which fixed the Heavy Cruiser and the retirement order issues I'd been having.

I got to the last level today, and with a few tries for correct strategy, I acheived victory. The last level is not as hard as I remember it being. I don't know what the objective was for victory, but SPOILER

I don't remember destroying the enemy mothership. I was just escorting Elson's ship through the map and decimating everything on the way. Maybe Elson got to it before I did, shrug.

Anyway, I got my RTS fix. Pwned some capital ships, left a wake of explosions, it felt good. Was wondering if this game was available to play multiplayer online, but when I went to give it a shot, it didn't go. Maybe the servers aren't up anymore. Anyway, I'm just having delusions of grandeur, I don't really want to be challenging pros and getting into the scene. I beat the game, satisfying, that's that.

I was thinking about picking up Cataclysm and HW2 after this, but after I started looking up stuff for Homeworld online, I remembered all the things that I disliked about those other two. So I don't think I'll be spending any additional time in the Homeworld universe. Still, it was a nice throwback. Not as "magical" as I remember it being, but a good solid gameplay experience.
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