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User Info: megatronwolf

9 years ago#1
i heard that there's a way to unlock the debug menu on the PC version. How do you do it?

User Info: tincho_X4

9 years ago#2
Enter Here:

I found it on Google.... EVERYTHING is in Google.....


User Info: tincho_X4

9 years ago#3
Here's a 'little' FAQ about THAT trainer I mentioned:

yeah, it works perfectly... you can even invoke the Kain reaver (don't get excited, it's not the physical reaver, it's the red soul reaver of the cutscene at the end of the game, when u face Kain, it has the fire projectile effect). Also you can summon:

-the Ariel reaver (yellow)
-the sound reaver (violet)
-the fire reaver (duh)
-the sulight reaver (white, fire effect on projectiles)
-the material reaver (duh again)
-the spectral reaver (which you still cant use in the physical realm)
-and the water reaver (light blue, water glyph effect on projectiles).

To do these, press F11 (with the trainer executing) in the game and select Raziel Menu and then Reaver Menu.

And those are only the reaver debug menu on Raziel's debug menu.

Other functions are: Shifting planes anywhere, swimming anywhere, saving and loading (duuuuuhhhh), Increasing your health and/or mana, all or some glyphs, all or some of the abilities, etc. etc. ETC.
And when I say etc. I REALLY MEAN IT.

You can also 'teleport' to some areas in the game, for example, you load your game (imagine it's 100% done if it isn't) and u teleport to Zephon's area, well you can kick his ass again (or get yours kicked) even if you have already beaten him. THE PROBLEM IS:
if u teleport urself, any progress will be temporary deleted, not the one on your save file, and any changes u have made with the debugger will also be reseted, so, small life vial, zero mana, no reaver, no abilities AT ALL, no glyphs, no nuthin', so, think if u want 2 teleport. DONT WORRY your actual data wont be touched at all (unless you save, duuuh). I recommend NOT to save after all that mess u have probably done with that AmAzInG trainer.

Well, that's it, hope u enjoy it 'cause it kicks ass!!
There's also a Blood Omen, Soul Reaver 2, and Defiance Debug Menu Trainer!

Here's the page again:


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