Walls of Mist

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User Info: Saphire_Dragoon

9 years ago#1
Area B, the one with the three switches.

--Yes, I did search for it. But it came up with no results.--

I remember reading before that only the button on the right should be out, Now the problem is the lever, I've used Spacebar, I've tried clicking it, and everything, the lever refuses to move. Is there any place I should specifically click or some different button combination in order to get the last key to get to the 'back door' for the Walls of Mist?

It's really annoying, especially when my invisibility runs out, and my Knight is the only to last the run from Area B, to the front door.

User Info: Saphire_Dragoon

9 years ago#2

I solved it in the most cruelest way.

After experimenting with combinations, having none of them working. I looked at the buttons and put both sides to all sticking out, like none pressed. I immediately clicked on the switch just to joke around, and it moved.

All that pain of being attacked by elementals. (I stayed even after my invisibility ran out) Just to run up there and flip the switch, no work needed.

Sigh sigh sigh.

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