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User Info: DCT1700D

8 years ago#1
I have found, throughout the course of my game, several genie lamps. I'm hesitant to waste them if they actually are useful. I tried a couple and when nothing seemed to happen I just reloaded my previous save. What do they do and are they worthwhile? I read somewhere that you should use them on certain days, but use them for what I don't know.
Again, my thanks to anyone who can answer this for me.
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User Info: TazmanianD

8 years ago#2

I believe each of the three games has something similar but basically they give you some permanent bonuses. The bonus you get depends on the month in which you use them and the magnitude of the bonus depends on the day of the week you use them.

Here's a complete list:

User Info: PointFlash

8 years ago#3
Be careful though, some will eradicate you and such. There's a month that only gives food I believe.
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User Info: ALPHAM4G3

8 years ago#4
Check the Faq section, I believe one of the write-ups there will have the neccessary information. It is well worth checking out to maximize the benefit. Eg., plus 4 permanent wisdom for your cleric would be better than wasting it on a sorcerer.

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