Skill distribution. Similar strategy in MM6?

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User Info: economiester

7 years ago#1
Hey all,

I just ordered this game today along with MM8, after playing through MM6 again. I was just wondering if the basic skill point distribution strategy still holds from MM6. Basically, in MM6, I made sure everyone got to expert bow and learning ASAP, and made sure that my sorcerer mastered water as quickly as possible. I'm sure there will be some differences based on class limitations on skills, but does this general strategy still hold up?

I also have a spell question. For damage, I generally used meteor shower and star burst for outdoor AOE, inferno and prismatic light for indoor AOE, and Implosion, Sun Ray, and Shrapmetal for single targets. Is this still the way to go in MM7?
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User Info: aetherspoon

7 years ago#2
Generally, yeah.
Due to the skill limits, you can't Expert Learning on every character (I think there is someone limited to Basic until second promotion at least), for instance. Also, unlike MM6, you actually have to go to a zone first before town portaling there. Finally, spells have skill level requirements (Basic/Expert/Master/GM), so rushing to Expert Water won't let you do much other than Ice Bolt.
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User Info: cgkarlsson

7 years ago#3
This game is a bit difference than MM6.Your sorcerer can`t master until after promotion to wizard so it is better get expert in fire first because the important spell Fire Aura become better.A sorcerer can never get expert bow but can be expert dagger so maybe be expert dagger but mainly put all points into fire,air and water to become master in all three as soon as possible after promotion.
Do not wast point into learning in the early game.Unless it´s fixed in a patch that I don`have it don`t work as you think.First, you will not get the 9% starting bonus and it only add experience gained from fighting and not to exp from solving quests.
As for spells it is also different.You can`t learn meteor shower until you are a fire master and then you have already cleared most outdoor areas,but it is still useful in a some areas.You can`t learn
starburst and Lloyds beacon until after the second promotion and you have become grandmaster.
Inferno is not very useful in this game because you can`t learn it until you are a fire master ( level 7)
and unlike MM6 there is not so many rooms filled with monsters.And one more thing,you can`t learn both light and dark magic in the same game.

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