Leveling at 70+, where?

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User Info: FerretDruid

9 years ago#1
I spent a good part of yesterday grinding with a group in BoT, and ended up getting about 40% on my normal exp bar (with 100% exp devoted to levels). I'm level 72 now, wondering if this is actually a good source of normal exp or are higher level zones preferable? I just thought I could get to 73 by grinding hard all day but that definitely didn't work out.

I'm a returning player after four years, and so I'm not used to the "flow" of exp and have nothing to compare this to.
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User Info: HBOSS

9 years ago#2
try the level 70 hot zone - Ruins of Illsalin. Try making your group before going there though.

SoF zones are really nice if you have a group. AT level 72, you would need a good group of level 75+ to grind out experience in these zones. Try looking into the faction quests you can knock out while grinding out there. Most these zones have factions you will luv to have finish by the time your near level 80. Reason: SOF faction rk2 spells or tomes can be bought from the vendors in Dragonscale, Loping Plains, & Hills of Shade. Be warned: you will need a nice beefy tank for these zones.

Also, try getting into the dragonscale groups. THis zone is the hub of SoF pretty much. Its the <75 zone usualy folks experience in. The Minotaur fort has planty of mobs. You can also get into faction groups (Strikeforce V and lady of light factions). Most of the time people solo these but not everyone is uber enough to handle mobs and they may require assistance...

maybe if your lucky you can also get into a bloodmoon keep group. This zone also has an instanced quest version thats used for the Oculus face aug + Faction (fangbreakers). The quests in BMK can be acquired from the Loping Plains...speaking of which, Loping plains is another zone that you can probably group in.

Fortress Mechanotus (not sure if thats how you spell it) is also another great group zone. Folks use this zone for both exp & faction (akanon strikeforce V).

As you get closer to level 80 and when you get level 80, Hills of shade for more group and faction work (Camp of Valor). Lore here is pretty cool - Paladins are looking to cleanse the zone while the necro npcs want to do something else...

Be advised that you usually need to make your group prior to entering these zones. You are unlikely to find a group through /ooc'ing or /shouts of LFG and you could spend hrs trying to get one.

I recommend /lfg with the notes of Ruins of Illsalin or SoF. with that tag line i'm certain a tell can come to you because i'm sure other players are in the same sitiation as your in .

Another thing witht he Summer GM Event. Get into the raids of the Living Legacy. Theres going to be a 1 time reward you can get from these raids. Everyone serverwide will get the same one so it would be awesome to work on if your into the 1-time events.... well maybe next year around this time SOE will do it again.

As you can see there are plenty of things to do these days. Good luck.
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User Info: tumven7777

9 years ago#3
as a returning player myself (although i was really highend in 2005 and i renew my account for a month when new expansions come) ruins of illsalin is the place to be. at lvl 80 i get 10pct of an aa solo without any potions or lesson and i can go non stop pretty easily. theres never more than 1 group there it seems so it would be a good idea to make one before going probably. group exp there in the 70s is probably awesome.

User Info: FerretDruid

9 years ago#4
I managed to get a group in RoI a couple nights ago, the exp was great and I got a full level's worth in a couple of hours. Since then I haven't had much luck.. although I did get a Loping Plains faction group, the exp was not very good in comparison and I only got about 35% in the same amount of time.

Maybe it's time to try soloing again. Glad I decided to main a shaman...
Bear with me... things are about to get grizzly!
Fox is HOT!

User Info: Kolanifv

9 years ago#5
See if you can get into a Fadnare group in Loping Plains, if people farming Fangbreakers faction are there, you can spawn new orcs *at will* by hailing Fadnare. No waiting for repops, no downtime as long as healer mana holds up.

User Info: 360player_eq12

9 years ago#6
BoT is noob as hell.... try a group in RoI much better xp and takes a lil more skill.
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