everquest 3 (or everquest next)

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User Info: wanderz

6 years ago#1
maybe somewhat old news, but first time i saw it... somehow.

evidently it's official there will be another game in the everquest series, everquest next..
they say will be more like everquest one then everquest 2.. which is probably a good thing.. tho there might be some things from eq 2 worth keeping, i did like the resource gathering.

altho it's evidently not going to be on the same world, i just hope they do this right and don't release it before it's done...

i'm not to thrilled about the "less classes" unless they have a lot of customization.
and more pvp focus.. bleh. balance it for pvp fine, but it better not focus on pvp, only pvp i've ever come close to enjoying was dark of Camelots realm vs realm.. maybe if they do something similar to that, but better. and being able to do it with a drunk character.

here's the article i stumbled across, but there is others, including on zam.

oddly this guy seems to not realize EQ online adventures for ps2 ever existed, since he mentions that there was only 2 mmo everquest games and suggested eq 3 should be 500 years before the time of eq1, which i'm pretty sure is when EQoa was suppose to be.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.

User Info: HBOSS

6 years ago#2
ya EQOA was supposed to be well before EQlive

but i kinda wonder if we would see EQlive continuity like: (hmm)

Oceangreen Hills --> Qeynos Hills
Elddar Forest & Takish-Hiz--> Deserts of Ro

because EQlive has pretty much done its past, present, & future in some ways with the rift in the Void. Soldiers of Discord has enpowered mobs in the past timeline in Seeds of Desctruction & created a rift in the space-time continuum (Great Scott!). it was upto Norrath (...and Marty) to defeat discord & set the timeline back to the way it was... (in 1955)

Now with House of Thule... its pretty much not an alternate timeline but realms of dreams. ...where you can loot remants of stuff and combine it in a shroud with a template to make armor... but the other stuff that drops dont need a thing to 'materialize' in a sense so there i is confused. (Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.)

i dunno. i still dig the adventures in EQlive and each expansion has some sort of inspiration outside the game like The Buried Sea stuff reminded me of Stargate Atlantis (hieroglyphics & pyramids... Katta Castrum is a city underwater with a dome surrounding it... yea). TSS had some Lord of the Rings-esque surroundings (Direwind Cliffs from the 'safe' passage up on the mountain past the 'legions' and through the 'black' guardian gates. hey lol there was even a quest to throw a ring into the mouth of the volcano! and that gandalf looking npc with horsy walking beside him in Sunderrock). HoT would be like ... Inception? i think since its more in a dream, surreal like zones. Well, i still need to play through the expansion to get where the expansion is going hehe...

so, anyways i'm just thinking that this eqnext game would be another type of mmo that might take the best of eqlive & eq2... maybe? not to much info out there to really say butif EQ2 was supposed to be "next gen" of MMO what would EQNext be?
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You grow old because you stop playing

User Info: wanderz

6 years ago#3
it's the next next gen..

actually like video game consoles there always seems to be this reference to "next gen" but really it's not the next gen once it's here, then it's the current gen.. and for video game consoles i believe it's basically generation 7 or 8 now.

set the timeline back to the way it was... (in 1955)
actually the timeline in 1955 should have been ok, or maybe the first half of the year anyway.. he didn't get the book until around prom time, april or may i think.. and i believe he waited a little time to use it, so that's atleast june or july.. and the first bet or two wouldn't have had a major impact since they were probably a few bucks.. so maybe it eschewed somewhere around the end of '55 or start of '56.. haven't seen the movie in a long time and never really thought about it until now tho, so i could be wrong.

as for eq next, i'm seriously hoping they can actually take the best of ideas from everywhere, not just eqlive, eq2, eqoa, and vanguard.. other companies titles.. and maybe even one or two tricks from wow.

take everquests attention to details and tons of backstory.
trade skill maybe a combination of eq2, vanguard and wow... i always wished eqlive would have resource gathering like chopping trees with a lumberjack / foresting skill for wood, mining skill for iron, planting skills.. etc.

they could even take some tricks from non mmos like the sims.. it'd be pretty cool to be able to have relationships (friends, enemies, spouses) with NPCs.. and it adds a lot to quest possibilities, maybe you run into a person or intelligent creature in trouble and you help he/ she/ it, then it might consider following you and helping you out... or you send it back to your house to clean up for you :)
they would probably have to be not killable by players tho, or people would do it just be griefers.

random loot suffixes, prefixes like diablo 2... and possibly a way to change or remove them. we already have upgrade slots.

realm vs realm or some type of siege pvp, but also with npcs, especially if there isn't a balance of players.

player towns from the star wars galaxies.. which could be what the realm vs realm is over, who controls the area and has the right to put up their town... also the creature handler class!! dam i miss that.

and the one thing i think i'd take from final fantasy 11.. dual classing, so you have your main class and you can either pick a second class and swap back and forth or you stick with the main class and can swap the second class around (that's more like guild wars i think)

anyway, i could come up with tons of ideas i'd love to see, tho i won't hold my breath.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.

User Info: wanderz

6 years ago#4
oddly back to the future 2 is on abcfamily now..

the doc finds a paper that says it was 1958 that biff made his big bet and became an instant millionaire.

as for eq next.. found some more info:

Smedley suggested that EQ next is "harkening back" to the original EQ. It will not be, however, a direct sequel to either. Smedley called it a "re-imagining," some sort of creative bridge between the two that is being built with PVP in mind and narrative sans text boxes.

also some concept art with the article.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.

User Info: AngelofD3th

6 years ago#5
So pretty much a remake of the original but with alot more pvp? At this point There is'nt much they can do in terms of timeline so that does make sense.

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User Info: Voxwik

6 years ago#6
I don't mind the less classes thing for this reason:
Classes in EQ1 were designed with a shortsighted notion of "pure" classes and "hybrids." This by default made Clerics and Warriors too powerful... and limited them to singular roles. Shamans, Druids, Shadowknights, and Paladins should all be able to do their primary roles (healing and tanking) reasonably well. There should not be, in my opinion, content that requires a single class. Why should clerics be kings and queens of healing, and warriors kings and queens of tanking? That is unbalanced by design. The utility doesn't matter if the content is tuned such that ONE class out of them all is required. That's why I support archetypes with utility, all of which can perform their primary function. No "pure dps" or "pure tank" or "pure healer." That may have seemed like a good idea back in 1999 but not in the long term in my opinion.

Secondly the focus on PvP worries me. I wouldn't plan to ditch EQ1 or my guild anyway for this "Everquest Next" but I play EQ1 as a PvP game. It annoys me when abilities get nerfed because of PvP balance, because I literally could not care less about PvP. It's a PvE game for me. If we see forced factions and an inability to communicate with other players based on built in racism, consider me uninterested.

Thirdly, I hope they keep the Vah Shir/Kerra and I hope they don't butcher the character model like they did in EQ2. EQ1 Vah Shir (same race as the Kerra): Graceful cat people. EQ2 Kerra: deformed furred creatures with ape-like skulls. Yeah that's kind of trivial, but if I'm going to play as a character potentially for years I want them to do a good job with the model.

User Info: Voxwik

6 years ago#7
Also, I hate the notion of trivial loot code with a passion as well.

User Info: AngelofD3th

6 years ago#8
Uhh what are you talking about? Warriors were being SKs and paladins in tanking for years. Even now they are only better with top end gear and a ridiculous amount of AAs. Clerics were the best healers, but I would always take a druid or shaman over one any day. More useful buffs and so much more utility.
Well he was riding his bike when the lightning did strike, now he reads really fast, he's good at science and math, Black Doctor!

User Info: AngelofD3th

6 years ago#9
Errr behind not being.
Well he was riding his bike when the lightning did strike, now he reads really fast, he's good at science and math, Black Doctor!

User Info: Zikten

6 years ago#10
new world? I hope not. I like Norrath.
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