Patch Notes Jun29 - Fellowship Exp Sharing

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User Info: HBOSS

6 years ago#1
June 29th, 2011

*** New 14-Day EverQuest Trials! ***

- Have a friend who'd like to try out EverQuest? Our new 14 day trial is now available! Go to and click the "Try it Now" link at the top of the screen to begin!

*** Fellowship Experience Sharing ***

- Ever had a friend or friends that fell behind the rest of your group because they could not play as much as the rest of you? Now you can invite them to your fellowship and enable experience sharing. This allows your combat experience to be shared with them even if they are offline!
- The new system requires fellowship members to opt-in from the fellowship window using the new toggle XP button. There is also a new column in the list that displays the XP sharing status of all members. The fellowship leader can toggle XP sharing for anyone, or each member can toggle their own.
- If you have fellowship XP sharing enabled, you both share and receive combat experience with other fellowship members that also have it enabled.
- Experience splitting works very similarly to the way XP is split in a group, except without the group member count bonus.
- Normal group level-range restrictions for getting experience also apply to fellowship XP sharing.

*** UI ***

- New characters get a new default UI layout that should be more functional for most classes and play styles. Existing characters will be unchanged.
- Disabled "right click to inspect" by default for new characters.
- Implemented some minor marketplace improvements.
- Attached SC button to the EQ button.

*** Changed Files ***

- EQUI_Animations.xml
- EQUI_EQMainWnd.xml
- EQUI_FellowshipWnd.xml
- EQUI_MarketplaceWnd.xml
- EQUI_ObjectPreviewWnd.xml
- defaults.ini

- The EverQuest Team
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User Info: thanthen

6 years ago#2
HBOSS posted...

- Attached SC button to the EQ button.

**** you SOE
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