How to I go to the original start zones?

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User Info: dave_6

5 years ago#1
I just returned to Everquest and all I wanted to do was go back to the original starting cities like Freeport or Halas and I have no idea how to go about it. Not terribly interested in the new content, I just am feeling nostalgic for the original content. Any help is appreciated.

User Info: wanderz

5 years ago#2
actually most of them have been revamped, so they don't quite look the same..

but, it depends on where you are..

if you created a new character then you probably started in the tutorial area, just stand near arias, target him and type "i am ready to leave" you might even be able to skip the i am part.
that will send you to the plane of knowledge (PoK) from there you just click on the stones for whatever zone you want to visit.. freeport, qeynos.. etc.

if you are playing an old character.. you can probably find a pok book around somewhere to get you to the plane of knowledge, they look like very large books on a pedestal, just click one and you should send you to pok.. then again just look for the stone for the town you want to go to.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.
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