Windows 7 64(&earlier) 16-bit installer compatability fix.

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User Info: PlantmanKnows

5 years ago#1
Windows 7 x64 OS has no 16-bit support. It seems back in the 90s a lot of programs were migrateing to 32-bit but Install Shield Wizard remained a 16-bit application. So by default you will be unable to install this fine game in Seven-x64 and maybe even earlier versions of windows.

Well that's horrible! Lets fix that.

Disclaimer:The below was written by a very clever guy named Markus Egger. is his homepage, and the information for this guide comes from that site.

The Exact guide comes from but for redundancy I am going to quote it here.

*Possibly Mandatory Files* ( Don't run them until told too. )

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) ( can be had from the Microsft websites if yo do not have it already. ) (Microsft)

Pod Racer setup replacement loader ( Markus Egger )

Updated pod racer executeable for North American or for IN versions (Lucas Arts) SWEP1RCR.EXE or SWEP1RCR.ZIP

MagicISO and Alcohol (something)%

This is a transcript of the guide written by Markus Egger that can be found here.

Star Wars: Episode I Racer
A game by LucasArts
*Unofficial* MSI Setup v1.0.0.0 by Markus Egger


Installation instructions
Note 1: This setup uses WiX' VolumeLabel functionality which requires the CD to be correctly labelled ("racer100_0").

Note 2: I only have the German Episode I Racer CD at my disposal so beware of any international issues! The file names, however, look very language-neutral; because of this I'm optimistic that the installer might work fine with English and other versions. Let me know of any problems you may encounter.
Polish and maybe others: As notified by Jacek, I've made some of the files (WAV, TGA et al) optional to install. They were present on my German CD but not on the Polish Classic one. Just take a look at the descriptions and leave "Extra Files" out if they cannot be found on your CD (abort installation, then reinstall without them).

Note 3: There seems to be a mysterious "white screen" bug affecting some machines in-game. I can only speculate about the reasons but my gut feeling says that it could be related to nVIDIA drivers. I do have an ATi GPU and never had any problems with old LucasArts games regardless of the Catalyst version I had installed. Jacek, however, is affected by the bug - he has a nVIDIA GPU. You may try the patch from the FTP (see below) but it probably won't help much. Maybe some of you could shed more light on this situation by telling us whether you're affected or not and what GPU/driver you're currently using. Thank you!

Uninstallation note: Seems I presumed too much MSI knowledge from the user base. There is no "separate" uninstaller; MSIs are self-contained and thus maintained using Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. Use ARP to repair or remove any MSI-based installation. Regarding my setups, search for strings beginning with Star Wars:. The (un)install capabilities of the LucasArts Launcher or any other uninstall links won't work for obvious reasons!

(Continued due to character limit)

User Info: PlantmanKnows

5 years ago#2
When removing MSIs, Windows Installer doesn't remove any registry or filesystem items (files, folders) that have not been part of the installation process itself. As a result, pilot files, mods or configuration files may be left behind during uninstallation. This is expected behavior and I don't really want to mess with that because I prefer a defensive approach as well. Just think upgrade packages would delete your pilot files ...
It's up to the user to backup and/or delete these remaining files/folders.
If there is anything that doesn't match the pattern above, tell me. If there's something I can fix, I will.

Prerequisites - download and install from
(refer to Add/Remove Programs whether they are already installed on your machine):
Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable
(not needed for Vista and higher!)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
(grab the one with the latest Service Pack level - SP1 at the time of this writing;
for this MSI, the x86 redist is obligatory - the x64 redist alone won't work!)
Create a temporary folder on your hard disk (eg. C:\Racer) - about 700 MiB free space is needed.
Copy the contents of your Star Wars: Episode I Racer CD to that folder - but beware of the dummy files being part of the copy protection! Just skip/DON'T copy:
gnome\data\wavs\Music (skip whole folder)
(in case there is any protection on your CD at all)
Let this self-extracting archive extract to that folder (eg. C:\Racer).
When asked to replace Setup.exe, confirm.
There should be 4 new files in your temporary Racer folder:
Instructions.html (this file; may be deleted at discretion)
Setup.exe (new version)
Episode I Racer.msi
You may create a folder named Support within the temporary folder.
To get a patch for the Windows version (1.01 presumably) you will have to surf to the LucasArts FTP directly: - English/US - International
You may either download SWEP1RCR.EXE or SWEP1RCR.ZIP. I would recommend going for the ZIP to avoid any download/CRC errors.
I do not know why but the official LucasArts support area only lists the Mac version of the patch.
As stated above, you may place the VC/MSI redistributables, patch, useful files and the source setup package in the Support folder.
Burn the contents of your temporary Racer folder (! - not the folder itself) to a blank CD-R and label it accordingly in the CD burning program of your choice (eg. Nero). The original CD label usually is: racer100_0
Use your new "Installation CD" to install Star Wars: Episode I Racer on your computer by either double-clicking on
Setup.exe or
Episode I Racer.msi directly.
!!! Obligatory: To be on the safe side, use your original Episode I Racer CD for playing from now on. There might be copy protection, missing CD-Audio or stuff like that. Store your new "Installation CD" in a safe place ;-)
!!! Obligatory: Please note that your soundcard might not be discovered/available in-game without applying administrative rights!
Please set "Run as Administrator" compatibility on SWEP1PCR.EXE (Right-click on EXE, Properties, Compatibility).
XP SP2 compatibility might be useful as well. You could try and do that with the launcher (RACER.EXE) as well, I haven't tried all working and meaningful combinations.
Note! When applying Administrator compatibility and letting the game run from C:\Program Files (x86), the game configuration and player profiles will be saved within the installation folder.


User Info: PlantmanKnows

5 years ago#3
Running without administrative privileges would cause the settings and profiles to be saved within the virtual compatiblity storage folder (see Explorer toolbar while browsing the installation folder). That's called folder redirection as a part of UAC.
A little goodie for Creative Labs ALchemy users:

[Star Wars Episode I Racer]
RegPath=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC\Star Wars: Episode I Racer\v1.0\Install Path

Launch/enjoy the game!
(Uninstallation see above - but who really wants to do that? Just kidding ;-) )


*** This installer is dedicated to Jacek ***


This setup is Freeware and a gift for the community. It shall ease the pain of all fellows in misery failing to install this game on Vista x64 (and other modern Windows operating systems like XP64). It is neither supported nor endorsed by LucasArts. Use at your own risk! Original CD required (developed/tested using Star Wars: Episode I Racer German version - may or may not work with English/other localized editions).
MSI tested under Vista Ultimate x64 and Windows XP Pro SP2 (x86).


I am getting a white screen at race start which seems like a graphics card problem that a lot of people have right now, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and not get this problem. I am looking into it and will post more info on the board when I find it.


User Info: PlantmanKnows

5 years ago#4
**White Screen Update**

I have been looking into this problem for a few days and the problem that makes the most sense is that new graphics cards won't handle 16-bit DirectX 6 calls.

It doesn't mean we are done, there has to be a software emulation or something out there for software graphics. Older cards should still do this trick as well. An incredibly complicated fix I can think of off the top of my head is to find an older PCI graphics card and use it in one of your free PCI slots.
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