Can't install patch - is Vista the culprit?

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  3. Can't install patch - is Vista the culprit?

User Info: crowman

8 years ago#1
Many of my games don't work on Vista, but thankfully at least DK2 does run. Problem is, it won't let me install the 1.70 patch, or the bonus packs.

The patch unpacks, then instead of running, just bleeps and gives the following error:
Cannot find file: C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\Temp\xxx#X##~tmp\SETUP.EXE (or one of its components). The Bonus Packs don't even give me that error, they just give the error bleep and do nothing. Presumably because the game isn't patched yet.

Is this just yet another annoyance of Windows Vista and is there a simple way around it other than replacing it with Windows XP?

User Info: FrogmasterPaul

8 years ago#2
hmmm i woul;d search for a vista patch mabey

vista has screwed so many older game files up
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User Info: Lucavix

8 years ago#3
Yeah I know, those older games are seen as competition for newer Microsoft releases so Microsoft isn't too keen on making it easy to play them. You should still be able to apply the patch as an executable, just download it from fileplanet and choose your installation directory.

Anyway, the steam version auto-patches, but I'm not sure you want to use the steam version.
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  3. Can't install patch - is Vista the culprit?

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