Free Pulls Final Results

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User Info: KidXX

10 months ago#11
All trash

User Info: ff7fan321v2

10 months ago#12
I remember a Vanille...not much else. Geez 10 summons and I only remember one...
PSN - ff7fan321
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - 510 Atk Noctis - 055, 431, 413

User Info: Belialkk

10 months ago#13
Lightning13 posted...
Complete trash + Locke, basically.

Basically this. Though I did get a Leo too.
PSN: DecoyPanda, FFBE: 630,516,316 (Elza with DW)

User Info: Noobverest

10 months ago#14
I don't really remember whether it was from Free pull or from 250 lapis, but I ended up with 4 Xiaos, 1 Ludmille and a bunch of random stuff like Firion, Shadow, and etc.

TL;DR no rainbow for me until SoM banner

User Info: Rhyten

10 months ago#15
Was quite great for me.
A cecil (dupe, but still), 2 zidanes, and a freaking Noctis!
I did get some fluff too, but I won't complain at all.
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