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How Difficult Would You Prefer Future Pokemon Games Be?

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User Info: Nevar_Agen

1 month ago#1
Challenging doesn't necessarily mean more "unfair" - Results (213 votes)
You literally can't lose.
1.88% (4 votes)
Unbelievably Easy
0% (0 votes)
Very Easy
0% (0 votes)
1.41% (3 votes)
9.39% (20 votes)
A bit Challenging
20.19% (43 votes)
34.27% (73 votes)
Very Challenging
15.02% (32 votes)
Extremely Challenging
7.04% (15 votes)
Literally impossible.
10.8% (23 votes)
This poll is now closed.
How easy or difficult would you prefer the next Pokemon games to be? If you're having trouble deciding I'd recommend thinking back to previous games and thinking where they go on this poll, and deciding from there. For example, if you found XY "Easy" and you'd like it better if it was harder, than you should probably pick something harder than "Easy".
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User Info: Itamae88

1 month ago#2
Should make pokemon more exclusive. They did a good job with black/White version
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User Info: Joshsun

1 month ago#3
Not as easy as Sun and Moon was. I think around Black and White's level.

User Info: thecoolgu

1 month ago#4
Harder than SM, at least.
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User Info: APM

1 month ago#5
Make sure every gym leader has a pokemon harder than Whitney's miltank

User Info: StaceyUK

1 month ago#6
I liked Sun and Moon's level story wise. I wish they included up to level 90 Pokemon to battle because of how Exp share works.

I wish they would include difficulty modes like they did in Gen 5, but you could choose at start what difficulty you wanted to play at.
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User Info: MegaButterfree

1 month ago#7
Around the same difficulty level as BW & BW2.

User Info: IdolAugusta

1 month ago#8
About the same difficulty as Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

Make the gym leaders akin to the Fiends.

User Info: Joshsun

1 month ago#9
APM posted...
Make sure every gym leader has a pokemon harder than Whitney's miltank

Every Gym Leader will have a Garchomp on there team. That will do it.

User Info: mehmeh1

1 month ago#10
Around SM level, but trainers have more pokemon (with the level curve being made with that in mind, obviously), it was lame that guzma only had 2 even when you fought him on his base. Also, more puzzles and optional areas available through backtracking after getting something, or even simply accesible by going off the beaten path
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