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User Info: BalbsNess3000

4 years ago#1
Started playing this game. I still need to locate Pharod right at the beginning of the story.

When I am in battle The Nameless One gets damaged so easily!
Right now my party consists of TNO, Morte, and Dakkon (sp?), and right now I believe Morte is my strongest character!!

Is there any armor shop in the Hive so that I can lower TNO's armor class? I'm getting pummeled in combat right now so I don't really know what to do. Thanks.
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User Info: Mattheau

4 years ago#2
Don't charge blindly into combat. Don't fight things you don't have to fight.

There is no armor for TNO. You can lower his AC with other items though.


4 years ago#3
Use Morte's Litany of Curses.
Use Morte and Dak'kon to shield TNO when possible.
Find Adahn and equip TNO with Adahn's Dagger.
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User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#4
look for the weapons expert, Porphiron. he can grant you Specialization in a weapon, which increases your hit-chance, damage and attack rate.

use Dak'kon to buff, have Morte taunt enemies, and then tank them (he has innate damage reduction). you don't want their aggro on you, you're weak at first.

look into tattoos, they will give you and Dak'kon the edge you need before taking on serious combat.

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