Resources/builds for level 20 cap?

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User Info: owsharp

8 years ago#1
Hi everyone,

Is there any resource or guide out there for making ass kicking level 20 chars? I've got all the expansions and everything but all I can find for really good, detailed character building advice assumes that you're going to go all the way up to level 40.

Anyone got links? Or want to share their favorite max-level-20 build?

Thanks for any help!

User Info: red255

8 years ago#2
a lvl 20 build is strange...

but then most level 40 builds are pretty worthless lvls 1-30 which makes them pure PvP builds.

a standard Fighter X Bard 1 RDD 10 build Is a nice OC build

As would Fighter 7 Dwarven defender 10.

Cleric 12, Monk 2 Fighter 6 Dual kama, Take CoT or adjust the lvls to avoid the XP penalty. Runs around as a cleric for the first 11 levels, takes Monk at 12 for the improved critical feat and tumble 15. Finishes cleric, Couple levels of fighter for feats (Focus, weapon Spec)

With Divine Favor and Darkfire and dual wielding kama's you can pull off a hellish amount of damage... Maybe a divine might in there if you can spare the feat and stats.

Magic domain for stoneskin and a few useful spells, trickery for Improved invisibility.... and you got a 100 damage shield and 50% chance to be missed on top of being able to output er...400 damage a round thereabouts buffed.
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User Info: m_artist200

8 years ago#3
I've got a few level 20 builds that did very, very well on a server called callinwells pvp...they'd average somewhere between 9 to 18 kills per death (and there were only 20 people on the server at a time...10 vs 10)

Rogue 13/fighter 6/ barbarian 1
If you don't have perma-haste gear and are good with cornersneakers, this is a powerful build. Max out your hide/ms, discipline, and a detection skill. You should have enough points left over for traps (very useful at the level 20 levels and lower) as well. Use darts or shuriken to take advantage of the halflings +1 AB with throwing weapons (you've got good sneak attack damage to comphensate for the lower damage output from weapons). Grab a weapon focus in a thrown ranged weapon. Raise your dex score primarily, but raise your INT to at least 14-16 on creation.

Druid 20
Believe it or not, you don't want to take 1 monk level. Why? Monk AC is based on wisdom; at level 20 and lower, its unlikely you can raise your wisdom to incredibly high levels. Spells cap out at a +12 bonus, including gear. Assuming you have 18 wis on creation (the highest), you'll only get 33 WIS after buffing max. This comes out to a +11 AC bonus...which is exactly the same as a non-magical fullplate and tower shield. Why druid? With conjuration and evocation focuses, your a nightmare; most builds won't have the time to really build up their saving throws at this point, and spamming spells such as web, grease, and stonehold (conjuration spells) to immobilize large groups of people, then following up with ice storm, fire storm, call lightning, and flame strike (evocation spells) while they're helpless is incredibly effective.
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User Info: turbotroll900

8 years ago#4

I just started playing again after I found it again while moving stuff around.

Originallly, I played a Sorc straight throught the original campaign and use the same guy for the next one.

I ended up w/ a Sorc/Rdd/WM. Kind of a stupid build.

So i'm doing it again with intention of doing the Aribeth redemption series.

This time I'm good rogue type w/ a high Int for lots of skills.

Elf - S10,D18,Con8,Int16,Wis8,Cha11 , I'm pretty sure that's not right but is close.

My intention is to take a level of Sorc (true strike, identify, etc) and then AA.

Come to find out, sneak attack works w/ ranged attacks (I'm not sure why I thought it wouldn't). You can take point blank shot at level one and never have to take weapon finesse. Then I took rapid shot as my next feat (I'm lvl 6 now).

I wanted something that never had to rest, could handle most everything on his own.

Combat is not easy now, but that should change when I get some decent gear and a few lvls in AA.

Hopefully, I can cast true strike at max range and then sneak attack.


If you're looking for something more, let's say, aggressive. How about a cleric with a few levels of COT if you need some extra feats.

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