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User Info: joshlet

8 years ago#1
i see it adds all kinds of things to the game, but im wondering...

does it add or make any changes to the vanilla campaign (both xpacs included)?


User Info: Chocolatl

8 years ago#2
Only if you make it so.
Find out how here:

User Info: Kalirion

8 years ago#3
I'm new to this. Is the CEP like a library of new content that module creators/editors can utilize?
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User Info: Chocolatl

8 years ago#4
It's all user-created content. I don't really know much beyond that, but you can find out a lot more on the Bioware boards; they have a forum just for the CEP.

User Info: kongman

8 years ago#5
The CEP is a combination of pretty much all the best hakpaks ever created by the community combined into one easy to use hakpak. You have to edit the campaigns yourself to input the CEP for use in them. Its basically turning your campaigns into modules, then opening them up and putting in the CEP in the Aurora toolset, then saving and converting it back to the campaign. It takes awhile. I found it on the main NWN forums.
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