Mechanical fish - why it gets harder and how to fix it! (spoiler?)

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User Info: avengah

7 years ago#1
I'm good at getting this Golden Banana, so I did an experiment. I tried getting it normally, during my run through of Gloomy Galleon, and saw I still had a good few seconds left on the clock when I was about to shoot the last light out (but I deliberately DIDN'T shoot the last light out). I then came back after completing Creepy Castle and noticed it was considerably slower. I believe it is JUST possible to do it at that speed (as the timer doesn't slow down), but there is a way to fix the problem!

In order to fix the problem, we have to know what causes it. I read somewhere that it's when you've got over 100 Golden Bananas, but that's bollocks - the number of Golden Bananas you've got is irrelevant. The real reason it slows down is the good ol' Sniper Scope. So, how to fix it? Simple! Enter the fish, shoot the bee immediately, as you should be doing anyway. Go and stand on the tip of the left piece of wood, hold Z and press C left twice quickly to open the Sniper mode. When the top right target is available to shoot, blast it and then immediately press Z and C left to disable the sniper scope, but stay in first person view. The frame rate will speed back up to how it should be! So, aim the centre of your view at the bottom target, wait until the fan has almost stopped, then quickly hold Z and press C left, fire a few shots and hold Z and press C left again to disable the sniper mode straight away again. Then repeat this for either of the top two targets, etc. etc. and you'll find you still can complete it with a few seconds to spare!

Of course, you'll still have to kill the bee again at some point towards the end, if you don't want to risk being blasted off the platform, but that won't take long. Just make sure you don't end up missing a shot at one of the top targets (the bottom target is nowhere near as important).
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User Info: ansujitsu

7 years ago#2
nice!!! observation!!!

User Info: Superlnfinity36

7 years ago#3
How sure are you of this? The sniper scope has been suggested before as a possible reason but it still wasn't resolved....
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User Info: needlewarbler

7 years ago#4
Well it was tested, so we'll see if it truly is the reason why it becomes impossible, or if it was just a fluke.

User Info: avengah

7 years ago#5
I'm 100% certain, I tested it myself. The sniper scope is the cause of the slowdown, so just disable it between shots.
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User Info: Charizard06

7 years ago#6
Aha! That's why I had so much trouble with that Sneeze Alert fish the first time I played this game! The first time I got to that fish, I already had the Sniper Scope, and I noticed the fans were horribly slow, which drove me crazy because I always lost solely because of that. I think I tried at least 50 times to get that Golden Banana, but with no success. It was one of the only two bananas I never got the first time I played this game (the other one being the beetle race in Crystal Caves). Of course, I had no idea the Sniper Scope slowed it down.

Then, I eventually gave up and started a new game (this was back in 2000), and this time, I ended up trying that stupid Sneeze Alert fish while I was still in the middle of completing Gloomy Galleon. I had a far easier time, and I think it only took me two attempts. I didn't really notice it was faster, but I managed to do it regardless. I was so glad that I did it!

Wow... Rare did a bad job testing this game. This game is about as buggy as DKC2 for GBA, if not buggier.
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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
7 years ago#7
Interesting. I would try this next time I play too, but my OCD wants me to get each and every Golden Banana as soon as possible.
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