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User Info: oCAFFEINEo

6 years ago#1
Thief II will not install for me, the config wizard pops up and stays at 100% then it closes and nothing happens. What's the problem?

My PC Specs:
AMD processor at 2.96GHz

Video Card:
ATI Radeon 4350
512MB memory

User Info: Backdraft4774

6 years ago#2
Hey, thief wont work on modern computers without a fix. Just google thief 2 modern computer fix.
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User Info: TazmanianD

6 years ago#3

Well, you still have to start with the original installer before you can patch it with the modern fixes. If that's not working, I don't know what to recommend. Your best bet would be to go over to ttlg.com and read the boards there. They are the experts on Thief.

User Info: oCAFFEINEo

6 years ago#4
I've tried what most have suggested, such as running the F:\setup -lgntforce (F is my CD-ROM drive), making it run on one core (cause mines dual core) and I get the same result. Funny thing though is when I eject the CD, I get an error message saying "there's no disk in the drive".

User Info: TazmanianD

6 years ago#5

If the installer gets to 100% are you sure it's not actually done? Did you try actually running the game?

User Info: oCAFFEINEo

6 years ago#6
I can't run it because it doesn't install, even though it hits 100%, it stays there for a good 5 minutes or so then it just closes and nothing else happens.

User Info: TazmanianD

6 years ago#7

If you can, I would try installing it on another computer and then just copying the resulting directory to the computer you want to play it on. I would bet that would work; I don't think the installer really does anything other than copying/extracting files that has to be done to run that game. You may have to install all the patches on the other computer as well since the patch installers might have trouble if the game wasn't actually installed.

You could also try copying the files from the CD to your computer and install using those. That would surprise me if that helped but you never know.

Also, you didn't mention the OS you're using. If you're using Vista, I've heard that installing to C:\Program Files can be trouble so you might try another directory.

User Info: oCAFFEINEo

6 years ago#8
Hmm..I could try those tactics Taz. I'm using Windows XP SP3 by the way.

User Info: Captain45452

6 years ago#9
Did you ever get it to work? It's a shame that certain games from that era are getting harder to run :(

User Info: Sariel

6 years ago#10
While not the original poster, I got it running on Windows 7 with Win 98 compatibility and the dual core fix. Sure beats my old laptop :)
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