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User Info: Fearoth

9 years ago#1
I just found a really old copy of this game and am having trouble getting it to run on XP. Every time I try and play it, I get past the intro speech from the guy, but as soon as I go through the portal I get a BSOD and my comp crashes. Any advice.
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User Info: doninss

9 years ago#2
Just generic stuff. Older or newer video and/ or sound drivers might work. Clean boot with no unnecessary background programs. Compatibility mode. Lowered video acceleration. The no-CD patch. It runs fine on XP for many people.

Wish I had more solid help to offer, it's a distinctive game.

The game was dev was pushed by Eidos (surprise, surprise), and Quantic split from Eidos right after release so there was effectively no real support (again, no surprise). As a result no patches, and a slightly <_< buggy game (the map for example was a source of problems for many).
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