This game has no chance to survive make its time

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User Info: CogPrimus

9 years ago#1
Does anyone still play Moo3? Especially Cybernetiks?

User Info: lainako12

9 years ago#2
Yeah! Meklar!

Cynoid are too easy. And espionage is fun.
I was wondering something of the same, whether or not a hadoken is really possible. - Oscar Zeta Acosta

User Info: DandDlover

9 years ago#3
yes i play it alot ever since i rescued the game from a discount store at the beach

all ways play as the evon or the nommoan

User Info: GodlyRanger

9 years ago#4
I personally find this game a piece of crap, it can't compare to Master of Orion 2, its much more simpler to control, you know what you are doing, you can refit your ships, its just completely MUCH better then Orion 3, i know its not meant to be a sequel, but the next game in a series, should technically be better then the one that came before....but in this case, it doesn't.

Orion 2 forever!!!!!!

User Info: lainako12

9 years ago#5
Eh... I own MOO2 and MOO3, and I've played MOO3 about twenty times longer. MOO2 seemed... I don't know, simple. MOO3 has enough depth that's streamlined enough to work, so I eat it up.

The total lack of documentation absolutely destroyed this game for everyone. There's so much to this game, and if you took the time to learn it (I mean REALLY learn it), it could suck up your life for a long, long time. Everyone tried to play it like you would MOO2, and it just wasn't designed for that. The official MOO3 forums (which are stunningly active, even now) clear up everything, but there is no direct link to the forum, and it's really rather hard to find. Even then, there's a lot to read. If the manual had been better laid-out and included the information needed to understand and enjoy the game, it probably would have gotten the recognition it deserves. Heck, even the strategy guide is worthless because they didn't know how to play it. The only way to learn this game is to learn yourself, and the patience that that requires is astronomical.

It's awful how badly the lack of documentation utterly destroyed the enjoyment people could have had for it. It's right up there with Freespace 2 selling poorly, which is one of the best if not the best games I have ever played.

I've been playing MOO3 for, I don't know, maybe three years now. I haven't played nonstop, but I play very frequently, off-and-on every few weeks. I've probably played MOO3 more than any other game I have ever played.
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User Info: swmaniac

9 years ago#6

So, do you have a link for the forums that you mentioned?

User Info: GodlyRanger

9 years ago#7
Its just too different from Orion 2 for me to get used to it.

Hell, you can't even refit your ships, you got to scrap them, make designs obsolete and do new ones and then make the ships AGAIN.

Orion 2, you could just modify the plans and then refit the ships.

Something any game like Orion 2 should have.

User Info: lainako12

9 years ago#8

^link to the forums
Raven SysDown - Minus 11. I just don't see you having a future here. - aburnett rates my popularity

User Info: RJR99SS2

9 years ago#9
I still play this game quite a bit, i bought it when it came out...and i couldnt stand it. I agree that the manual that came with the game only explains about 30% of the features, and a lot of the information they give is even flat out WRONG, so everyone was basically forced to just figure it out on their own, which was good reason to hate it. Heck, it took me about 2 years of playing it on and off before i figured it out. I was playing it like moo2 for one, thinking that one ship (even something as big as a dreadnaught) actually had a chance of winning a battle. Then i figured out you need at LEAST a handful of armadas to do anything. took me a few months just to figure out how to make a task force!

Then you have to add into it that a lot of the features in the game dont work at all. A lot of the weapon upgrades, all the antaren-xs, they're just broke, dont work at all. SO that adds a lot to the confusion.

Heck....i could go on for pages about whats wrong with the game, but for some reason i still play it, and enjoy it. I actually like it better than moo2. I like playing the Meklars mostly, i just got done playing a game that was just insane, hard setting, large 250 star galaxy with 4 other races, total conquest game. Took me about 6 months to finally beat it.

There's a LOT wrong with it, but it definitely is a fun game, at least to me. Some of the mods out there do an ok job of fixing the game to what it should of been....still they've never quite got it all the way down yet.

User Info: gommybear

9 years ago#10
The game was poorly designed and poorly programmed.

The fact that people have to mod it to make it playable is ridiculous.
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