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User Info: zhang_dan

8 years ago#1
Not been playing long and i got a few things i need help with.

1. how can i stop my planets building ground units?

They build far to many when what i really need is ships,i take only one planet in a system with ground units and only if i need a mobilization centre,i tend to just wipe out the rest and start with my own colonies,i appreciate its an expensive way of doing it but its how i do it.

2. other than making recon designs obsolete how can i stop planets building these?

I only use them for larger fleets and only because it says i have to but when i make a recon design they go crazy and build 100+ when i only need 2 for each fleet,they also do this with troop ships drives me crazy.

The rest im not so bad with,other than my diplomatic skills,i just dont see the point of trade agreements,ive got 700k+ in my empire bank/savings and if i have trade agreements or not it just keeps rising.

Which brings me to 3 which is an after thought.

3. why have research agreements when im atleast 5 tech lvl stages higher than anyone else ive encountered.

Does it mean what i know they know? or is it just research points.

Ok that will do for now if you can help great if you cant nps thanks for reading anyway :)
"Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim." Bertrand Russell
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