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User Info: DragonSpikeXIII

8 years ago#1
Hi all,

I'm here to clear a few things up about the rumored AC3 translation project and a couple other things.

First of all, I'm the founder of the AC3 Translation Project, DragonSpikeXIII AKA Night Raven. Together with an member, Antare, we have the intention of getting not only the game itself translated but also all media related to it (books, booklets, videos, the official website, etc...) completely in English and then in Italian and Portuguese, as I'm a freelance translator myself (unfortunately Japanese isn't one of my languages).

Because no fansubbing group expressed interest in translating our only option was to seek for a professional translator, and for this purpose I've set up a PayPal account, the AC3 Translation Fund:

There are two topics for the project posted on One by me, which is availalbe to any guest or member, and another in the Contributor Forums. Anyone interested in checking the project's progress is free to do so, as it's not a "secret" or "Member's Only" thing, it's by fans and for fans, so no one is left out. I'm also available for any questions you might have.

One of my side-projects related to AC3 is: make an AC3 fansite, which might be the first one here in the West. Planning stage is finished and I've recently begun the Design stage.

AC3 fans can also check my YouTube channel for AC3 media:

Last thing: let me say that I've been a great fan of AC3 since 2002, when I first bought the international version of the game. I really liked it back then, even though I had noticed something wasn't quite right, as if something was missing. It wasn't until 2006 that I discovered the whole story about AC3. As years passed by I noticed this game wasn't getting much attention and the fact that a complete translation was still pending, so I decided to go after it myself. This game is pretty special to me, and I'm sure I'm not alone on this, even though the western AC3 community seems to be pretty small/not vocal as we, admittedly, don't have many resources.

I just decided to do something about it, as no one else was.

Questions, critiques and suggestions are all welcome!

User Info: Komeet

8 years ago#2
I'm glad the project is going on, however I cannot help in any way unfortunately. (I don't understand japanese and I'm not legible to use Paypal). This game holds a special place for me as well.

User Info: Yogi

8 years ago#3

Have you considered seeking japanese teachers/people in japanese language schools in your country to 'help' in this project? Just a thought.

User Info: DragonSpikeXIII

8 years ago#4
That's a sound idea, however I just don't know anyone who knows enough Japanese to help. But rest assured, I'm always looking for people who can help with the project.

And thanks for the support!
Contribute to the AC3 Translation Fund:

User Info: Iceman_UK_2005

8 years ago#5
DragonSpike, thanks for your post. Very encouraging stuff.

I am both a big AC3 fan (I have a review on the site and have helped folks on this board) and also the webmaster/sysadmin behind I am part of the team there translating Front Mission 5 from Japanese to English. The team have been hard at work for a year and it is nearly done.

Maybe we can help each other? I can ask about Japanese translators willing to help you?

I can help, or take ownership of an AC3 fansite and assist with: domain registration, hosting, site maintenance and setting up services eg. email, mailing list (for team and public), mailing list archives, RSS feeds, wiki and so forth. I do this as a "labour of love" on the FM5 project, in my own time out of my own pocket.

Please email me at to take things further.

I will be watching your website with interest.
Front Mission 5 - Fan Translation Project -

User Info: MA5C

8 years ago#6
Best luck with the project.
Good games are almost always underrated.

User Info: DragonSpikeXIII

8 years ago#7
Thanks to IcemanUK and BRPXQZME, we have finally begun the AC3 Translation Project!

Check for progress and other AC3 stuff -->

Disregard most of my first post, this is a quality fan translation.

Look forward to it!
ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere - Translation Project -
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