Party Ideas for AC

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User Info: cruxKID

4 years ago#1
I started playing this game a few days ago for the first time in about 10 years, and after arriving at Talawok (?) I am going to start again and this time work primarily around this build.

Alaron, Bow/Magic (Offensive/Buff) and maybe Lay on Hands
Intelligence thing sort of makes sense, and since this guy has terrible all around stats at the start i figure i can make him into whatever i bloody well please.

Brenna, Ninja :)
I found a mad little niche for brenna, you smash up her Thief skill, give her stupid amounts of dexterity and strength, equip her with a high damage sword and hit your enemies in the back. She can 1 or 2hko any enemy I have come across so far (upto talewok)

Abrecan, Tanky McTankington
Shield... Plate... Sword... pretty simple. This guy has good starting stats so may as well play off that. Though im thinking of using a hafted user so i can save by best swords for brenna (i just dont know who any of them are)

and thats all so far. I havent played enough into this game to discover the other characters apart from the first guy you find at erromon (the merchant with hafted and lower stats than abrecan) and the crazy alchemist who is apparently only good at making money. Though i might use him as a healer/thrower... that could work :D
Oh and i have been using rheda, but i figure i jus put all the offensive magic on alaron because all this chick does is stand around after she's used weakness twice, and if its a tough fight endurance. (both of which i could give to alaron if the former was even useful)

So has anyone got any input? i put alot of thought into this and im not the kind of person to start a game half informed. The new games i've started on Skyrim must be exceeding 100+ by now. If i think ive done something wrong ill literally drop it and refresh. Like im doing with this melee alaron who cant take 2 steps and when he reaches the enemy he always misses the bloody thing anyway... if he hits it does no damage..

User Info: The_Milk_Man13

4 years ago#2
Alaron is by far the most needy character I've ever seen in a game stats wise. I spent a good few hours grinding away just to make him even remotely passable. Anyway, that aside I can see where you're coming from with your team.

I used Brenna as a Ranger myself, but built up a different character in the exact way you described her. If she plays out the same, then you'll have a solid character for the rest of the game with her!

Alaron was a Tank, so can't give much input there. He's basically a blank canvas so I don't see how making him a Mage could do any harm. Just be sure not to let him fall behind in Dexterity. You'll want him to dodge or block just about everything afterall.

Abrecan... Well, Abrecan will start to fall behind in the useful category pretty soon here if I recall. He has such great stats so that you don't get overwhelmed early on, but he levels slowly, doesn't get as much skill points as the rest of the gang, etc. You'll notice when it happens. Unless you're set on keeping him through the game, I suggest swapping him with Arturo when you meet him.

Rheda was my Battlemage. She'd cast Weakness, Fireball, etc. But was also a pretty good fighter too. I gave her Warfang and... some shield I can't even remember. Kept her all through the game. She can hit pretty hard.

If you made it past Erromon then you should be set for the long haul though. I don't personally see anything wrong with how you're playing the game, so just keep doing what you're doing and you shouldn't have anymore problems then the rest of us did. That;s my humble opinion, anyway.
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User Info: triaxx2

4 years ago#3
Godric? He's AWESOME. No only is he hilarious, but as a wizard/thrower, he crushes any battlefield he's on. Snag Throwing Irons from Erromon for him, and let him learn fireball. If he can't kill it with a weapon, he kills it with FIRE. Plus he starts with Dragon Flames, so if you use him to make a little cash, he can provide a lot of offense early on.
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User Info: Lord_Xia

4 years ago#4
Abrecan is nice in the begging for a new player, but his lack of skills really makes him a burden in the late game. No magic and no thief is bad.
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User Info: LePhenom

4 years ago#5
I kept Abrecan for the entire game. He's a very good tank even if he lacks skills and I like the character. He's interesting in the cutscenes.

User Info: aspinelessmind

4 years ago#6
I used Brenna, Rheda, and Abrecan the entire game feeling satisfied as a whole. If I were to replay it, though, I would have replaced Rheda. She's supposed to be this "awesome" wizard, but I just made her a tank due to her inability to learn destructive spells. Also, she became under utilized in the large desert maps later on.

User Info: Ezekiel_Kaine

4 years ago#7
I always used Abrecan, Godric, and Brenna but always ended up switching them all out as i progressed through the game. My Alaron was always a magic user since he could learn any magic i figured i was suppose to take advantage of that and so thats how i eneded up playing. His weapon was usually a sword but i have used the magic/bow strategy, not bad, certainly helps with the amount of turns Alaron gets.

User Info: Foxhound3857

4 years ago#8
Abrecan, Rheda, and Brenna were my entire team from beginning to end, I even went so far as to re-recruit Abrecan in Talewok once I lost him to Niesen before Shamsuk's Tower. He doesn't need Wizard or Thief to fill the role I set him in; I make sure he's ALWAYS the guy enemies want to target first and therefore has no reason to be behind an enemy.

Brenna is basically a weaker Godric that doesn't start with a spell or Alchemy, but that's easily corrected with a little grinding, and once she gets Fireball and either the Dragon Fang or the Stealthblade, she becomes an absolute TERROR to enemies if she ever gets to their flank. Brenna is part of the reason I recommend Rheda over Godric, because Brenna can learn everything that Godric can, and very early at that. You don't need 2 Godrics.

Rheda can make an excellent front-line fighter and flank fighter with Warrior, Shield, and Thief (and you can choose between Sword of Hafted, I give her the Warfang usually for the Tap Stamina and Spell Batteries to keep her magic flowing). And I don't know why people do it around here, but her magic, especially her starting spells, are SERIOUSLY underestimated throughout the game. Endurance can give your entire party an extra 20HP every fight, which is usually enough to endure another hit if things get hairy, with Weakness being the exact opposite to enemy ranks, softening them up for the kill. Sense Aura is useful the first time because you can get an idea of how much HP your enemy has and what they are weak against, and can adjust your tactics accordingly. Vs Necromancy is meh, as is just about every Vs spell (if you get Chaos Robes with Resist Magic 25, that's effective against all schools), but her other three spells are very useful and, combined with her skill potential, make Rheda a HIGHLY versatile and powerful character in her own right.
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User Info: triaxx2

4 years ago#9
I've played through with Rheda, and one of the big reasons I don't keep her is Niesen. I can't get rid of her until after the Tower. I can drop Godric. Plus he's an excellent thrower, and with his destructive capabilities, at short range or against groups, he's devastating.

His ability to craft lots of healing potions, and create money is invaluable, particularly early on when not everyone can heal well. Putting a curing potion in the hands of your tank instead of having to waste valuable low level turns trying to heal.
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User Info: TheNicoChan

4 years ago#10
I'm in the small camp of people who would highly recommend giving your fourth spot up to Keelin, who is a great fighter with her insane Dex and Thief skill (backstabs do insane amounts, and she double to triple turns other characters) and the fact she already comes with healing skills. She's my favorite character to use.
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