Would you prefer a Sequel OR Remake?

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  3. Would you prefer a Sequel OR Remake?

User Info: Ezekiel_Kaine

4 years ago#1
This game is my favorite from N64 and i would love to see a remake on the 3DS or even a Sequel on the computer because turn based RPG has always been a favorite genre of mine and i thought Aidyn was the coolest game when i was 12 and got my N64. On the computer i feel PVP and a sort of MMO take on a sequel would be awesome. I wonder what other fans think, Its just a curiosity of mine and the chances are slim to none this franchise will ever revive without it being a fan game and who knows who owns the rights to this anymore. Does any1? Would Nintendo have rights?

User Info: The_Milk_Man13

4 years ago#2
Time was, I believed Bioware would be a good company to take the game in with a remake, then a sequel, maybe a trilogy even. But since they've been taken over by EA and become crap... I think the game should be left alone.

I personally don't own any Nintendo systems after the Gamecube, and I have no intention of ever buying one. A remake would mean nothing for me, unless it was on Xbox, Playstation, or PC, like you said.

...Though if I absolutely had to choose, and it was a worthwhile game developer who made it, I'd have to say... Sequel. Who's to say a remake would get the support for a continuation? We'd all just have a prettier version of the same, bittersweet story.
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User Info: triaxx2

4 years ago#3
I wouldn't mind a Remake. I am annoyed that people are writing off Nintendo already. At least they're trying to innovate, instead of just rereleasing the same system over and over and slowly removing functionality.

Besides, the Wii is awesome.
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User Info: LePhenom

4 years ago#4
Yes the Wii is awesome, and Nintendo is awesome. ^^

I'd prefer a remake. On any console I don't mind. Could be the Wii U or the next Nintendo console, but also wouldn't mind on PS4.

THQ had the rights but now they're bankrupt so only God knows who has the rights now.

But yeah a remake would be cool.

User Info: Ezekiel_Kaine

4 years ago#5
I love my Wii, always playing old school games on it, currently playing Majoras Mask again but god do i wish Aidyn could be ported to it, id buy it in an instant. I said a remake would be cool because Alaron was only the first mage clearly stated in the title. Who were the other mages? What if they remade this game into an MMO style game where you create your team and as the leader are a Mage like Alaron was, a blank slate paired with cookie cutter companions that are in a race to fight of the Chaos Army again! If Alaron became king the world certainly would have changed and i for one would have loved to experience it. I am curious if anybody would care enough to send a cease and desist order against a fan game.
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  3. Would you prefer a Sequel OR Remake?

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