Replaying this game again after years and a couple of questions.

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  3. Replaying this game again after years and a couple of questions.

User Info: Zeldafan59

4 years ago#1
Hello, I started playing this game a couple weeks ago. I played it 2 or 3 times when it first came out and loved it. This time though, I am taking more time and finding little extras in the storyline I missed the first time out. I especially love the set up for stats and point distribution in this game. The battles were, and are fun this go around too. Here are my questions (I have the Prima guide and the excellent FAQ from this site printed and use them all the time but still need little help please).

1.Does the Ranger skill when increased, mean you will find more naturally occurring herbs out and about while you're walking? Or, does it mean that you will find more spice, herb, gemstone given to you as the reward for battles? I'm leaning towards the latter. I have Abrecan at a level 7 Ranger (you know how he always ends up with gobs of exp. points you have to find some place for) and I don't have a sense of more Herbs showing in the Trek Mode at this point.

2. Does the Loremaster skill serve much purpose other than for auxiliary points you've nowhere to place? Don't get me wrong, this time I discovered with my one character (either Rheda or Abrecan) as a level 3 Loremaster very interesting reading at the Port Saiid houses. In fact, I might increase it if it does actually "create" more backdrop story. I always assumed like those life gems aka sapphire gems that this skill was there but not one which you could influence even through leveling. Hope that makes sense.

3. In the FAQ, it suggests party members get the Healer skill up to I believe level 4 or at least have it before your trip to a certain island (not sure if spoiler). I have a level 4 Healer and another at level 7 Healer and they never seem to actually add many points to the character they are healing. Plus, it drains the healer's stamina, you have to be in range of character to heal, and it cost a lot of experience when you get in the upper ranges of Healer. Isn't it more effective to just use a curing potion on a character when in trouble for more health points and no stamina loss? Plus, if near town with an alchemist 3 and all the 3 reagents you can do the Restore Potion money making and make plenty of curing potions. Am I missing something, because I feel it wouldn't be in the FAQ if not correct. At higher levels does the Healer skill...say at level 9 or 10 do a huge amount of healing?

4. I purposely skipped Becan's shop when I did the snowy region as I wasn't sure if sticking with Abrecan. I am past Talewok, into Port Saidd now and about ready to leave with Alaron, Brenna, Rheda, and Abrecan all at level 21. However since I never went into Becan's shop even once, do you know if he will still be there?

My apologies for rambling on. I love this game and I'm so happy to find anyone else that does too. Thank-you for your help. :) Missy

User Info: LevinMage

4 years ago#2
*NOTE* This is my first time playing the game, but here is what I have found so far,.

1. I believe that having a higher Ranger level increases the chance of you finding more of that particular item when it is found.

2. Im up to Shamusks tower and have not needed to have use the Loremaster skill (I plan to level it up near the end of the game and revisit the different areas to get a better grasp of the story/background)

3. Not sure about the Healing skill, but I have been using Cure potions and been getting 50-60 HP restored. This has been more than enough up to where I currently am.

4. I just went back to get Becan so I could go back and get the banner and he wasn't there....
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  3. Replaying this game again after years and a couple of questions.

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