Just finished the game. My comments, questions and stats. *spoliers*

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  3. Just finished the game. My comments, questions and stats. *spoliers*

User Info: LevinMage

4 years ago#1
It took me about 65 hours to beat the game. I tried to find every item and complete every side quest I could. The only things I couldn't get were the wizards wand (zombie was never there), banner of gwernia (beccan had disappeared by the time I went to get it), lizard kings axe (could never find the lizard king where he was supposed to be), archmages staff, and Gladius weapon (forgot to buy it from became before he left the shop) and the enchanted hide to make armor with.

* I fought about 40 dryad battles and never got the dryad shield (got from end boss)
* Best attack damage/fighter was with brenna thief skill of 12 (with rope- from behind enemy)
* My game crashed about 30 times total during my play


Farris made it seem like you could get the staff from him after a conversation in Ugarit... But I never did. Is it possible to get it without the glitch of him not leaving you in the forest?

Is it possible to keep any of the items in the barrow? I tried to do the trick multiple times but it never worked.

Final stats for the game:

Alaron: Weapon- mace of glory
Maxed out stats
Level 10 of thief, stealth, wizard, warrior, halted, sword, shield, healer
Level 3 missile
Rest at level 1

Magic: level 10 of mirror, vs elemental/naming/necromancy/star, frozen doom, immolation, remove poison, dragon flames, earth smite, strength, wind, brilliance, stupidity, spirit shield
Level 3 of weakness, endurance, air shield, lightening,
Rest at level 1

Abrecan: weapon- spellbreaker axe
Maxed out stats
Level 10 diplomat, healer, lore master, merchant, trabadour, warrior, halted, pole, thrown, sword, shield
Level 9 mechanic
Level 4 ranger and stealth

Brenna: weapon Lodins sword
Maxed out stats
Level 10 alchemist, healer, mechanic, ranger, stealth, thief, warrior, pole, sword, thrown
Level 4 wizard
Magic: level 10 wind, level 6 debilitating

Rheda: weapon: spellbreaker axe
Maxed out stats
Level 10 thief, warrior, wizard, hafted, pole, sword, shield, healer
Rest at level 1
Magic: level 10 mirror, vs elemental, teleportation, brilliance, stupidity, endurance, sense aura, weakness
Rest at varying levels

User Info: LoneSoldier

4 years ago#2
keeping the staff and the barrows items are both glitches...there's no real guarantee of successfully doing it...

the end boss "poochie" seems to have a 50-75% chance to drop the shield.... where the dryads themselves have probably 0.1%... lol? (I've only ever managed to get one from a dryad ONCE...out of 20+ games...
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  3. Just finished the game. My comments, questions and stats. *spoliers*

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