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User Info: DrDew

3 years ago#1
I started over after finding out about the Dryad Shield and just arrived at Talewok. I haven't talked to Ardra (spelling?) yet and want to fight the dryads. I know after talking to Ardra she sends me into the dryad forest and I can pick a fight with one of the female dryads. Is this the only way to fight them? And I have yet to see a male dryad in battle, do the exist? I am currently playing on a US version rom. I vaguely remember fighting the male dryads on my N64 cartridge, but that was along time ago and my memory is not great.

I have heard people fighting the dryads 1000's of times to get this shield, but after I choose insulting dialog to the female dryad, I fight 6 females and then get sent to kill the gorgons, upon returning I no longer have the dialog option to promote the fight. I re-loaded the game and fought them several times not 1000's, but about 50 and no males. That's why I started over thinking that after talking with Pandora put you too far along for random dryad fights, but now I'm here again and am having little luck getting in battle with them.

Rambled a bit, Main questions:

Can you fight male dryads?

Is there a way to fight the dryads multiple times without reloading?

Is the dryad forest the only place to fight dryads?

And for those getting creamed by dryads:
My strategy is to use two characters with strong fireball magic (fireball 10, wizard 10) and the dryads normally die on the 2nd characters fireball cast. Also, build up one characters willpower for magic resistance, so the dryads might keep casting debilitation. Strategy works for me most of the time, but I still get killed sometimes.

Thanks for any advice about the dryads or dryad shield obtainment.

User Info: LoneSoldier

3 years ago#2
once you speak to Pandora successfully the Dryads see you as a friend and will no longer defend their woods from you...

Dryads are never fought outside of the woods, apparently they have everything they want or need within their forest.

and if you're playing a ROM, there is always the chance that it does not have the shield in it, given how rare of a drop it actually is in the proper cartridge, whoever made the ROM could have simply removed the shield entirely as it's an item you'll almost never see anyway.

the biggest "troll move" of all time for Aidyn Chronicles, is probably the fact that the final boss of the game has a higher chance to drop the Dryad Shield than the actual dryads...but of course, you can't ever use it at that point...
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User Info: DrDew

3 years ago#3
Thanks LoneSoldier, dependable as always. Despite the risk of the rom, I am going to continuing trying to get one. I will do my best to be detailed with the condition when and if I obtain it. So far I have found two female dryads I can talk to to promote fights with 6 females at a time.

So far no random encounters and no male dryads in the fights.

I did discover a slightly easier low-level way to be successful in the dryad fight. Use the persuasion wand (found in Gwernia castle near the mace of glory). The dryads are very susceptible to charming.

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