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User Info: goroh16

4 years ago#11
Do people actually want Super Mario 64 to be the only game for the N64 where you run around collecting stuff in 3D? We need more of these. The PS1 Spyro games did the same thing. You collect 100 or more of something and do minigames to earn an egg, which is like the star. Are people gonna hate that too? All racing games are same. The goal is to reach the finish line before everyone else.

User Info: Karin18

4 years ago#12
^ Anyone can make an argument that all of the same types of games are the same (i.e. RPGs, Racing Games, etc). So if someone is going to say BK is a clone of Mario 64, then all games are clones of each other and we only really have about 10-20 different games, and that matches the genre. Each game is different in its own way.

Except for.... errr, well I won't go there. ;P
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User Info: goroh16

4 years ago#13
So what's the point in complaining about BK having similar gameplay like Super Mario 64, while being different in it's own way? Games get copied all the time. I want more games to copy Starfox, because rail shooter is a dead genre, but that won't be happening any time soon, due to it not being popular like first person shooters.

User Info: darkmoonbeam

4 years ago#14
this post...

Is a copy paste clone of other troll posts like this and is completely overrated

Also in response to your actual opinion: OK

Im not going to feed you with overzealous statements as to why you're wrong or this or that, because that'd be exactly what you want :P
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User Info: goroh16

4 years ago#15
I realized people who are jealous of this game is more proof of how good this game is. I'm changing the subject. This topic is now about what did you like about this game? I love the lair and the music. It was better than the one in Tooie and I'm more of a Tootie player.

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