Gun Buddies

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User Info: WTF_LOOK_UP

8 years ago#1
Dude base full of gun buddies FTW!!!!

User Info: KotG Luvin

KotG Luvin
8 years ago#2
Great for long straight-aways like in North/South aligned bistro, the fortified alcoves in Berlin Warzone or Slave Fortress or just outside your opponents base. Griffin's Army is solid all-around team and I'd say that's in part to gun buddy availability. If you can memorize the item spawns of the gun buddy pickup, 3 deployed within the first 15 seconds of a match can really weather light gangs base attacks.

User Info: KotG Luvin

KotG Luvin
8 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ryeu

8 years ago#4
I made a code so I can have unlimited Gun Buddies. I've try and make a video of it soon.
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