What, in your opinion, is the hardest side level?

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  3. What, in your opinion, is the hardest side level?

User Info: Moth366

13 years ago#1
My old poll purged. ;_;

Anyway, for me, it'd have to be Dark Heartland. That level is such an ammo-*****ing *****! I run out of ammo with three whole buildings left every time...

REMEMBER: Only vote on side levels. No Carrier levels, please.

Dark Heartland: 1
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User Info: brad5476

13 years ago#2
Dark Heartland.

User Info: Red Shifter

Red Shifter
13 years ago#3
Dark Heartland.

It was my second-to-last Platinum, followed by Magma Peak (which didn't take me nearly as long).
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User Info: mikagami

13 years ago#4
actually i find the j bomb levels pretty easy, especially magma peak. saline point though always gives me trouble. dark heartland isn't too bad for me, either. i'm not really decided yet on the hardest side level... might be the thunderfist one where you crush the tiny boxes. or perhaps the one with the backlash and the dynamite boxes... blargh! that ones is hard.
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User Info: geezerman305

13 years ago#5
J Bomb's bonus levels are pretty easy...

But I think the hardest is Gibbon's Gate... yeah, the bigger Pac-Man level.

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User Info: Moth366

13 years ago#6
Dark Heartland: 3
Gibbon's Gate: 1

Back before I owned BC, when I just rented it, I killed Saline Point. I beat it so quickly, it made the Platinum spin.
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User Info: StrangenessDSS

13 years ago#7
For Platinum, at least, I had more trouble with the other ballista destroy-all-the-buildings level (Mica Park?) than Dark Heartland.

Gibbon's Gate is pretty easy if you know the path, and it didn't take me long to figure out the path... Orion Plaza and Morgane Hell could be annoying, but weren't all that hard in the end...

I guess my vote goes to Mica Park.
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User Info: BoxOffice

13 years ago#8
Dark Heartland. That's the last one I need.

User Info: Moth366

13 years ago#9
Any more votes?
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User Info: Moth366

13 years ago#10
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  3. What, in your opinion, is the hardest side level?

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