Can anyone please answer these questions about weird things in the game?

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  3. Can anyone please answer these questions about weird things in the game?

User Info: Sh4rkBit3

6 years ago#1
1) Physical scale: Why is my bulldozer the size of a building? Why is my little man taller than a shipping container?

2) Why are there 3 robots that can all do acrobatics, when this is clearly an unnessessary design? Why is that rolling guy missing an arm?

3) This game takes place on earth... but the globe doesn't seem to show the proper shapes of continents, oceans, and land masses. What's the deal with that?

4) The story. So we have to destroy the buildings in the path of the missile carrier... because nobody can deactivate it directly, because it is leaking massive amounts of radiation (which your little green man seems to be immune to). Why don't we deactivate the missile truck with a robot, given how advanced robotics technology in this game seems to be? Surely there must be some other ways of stopping a missile truck, like putting a hole in it's gas tank?

5) The side missions. These are not explained at all. Why do they exist?

6) After you beat a level, why exactly do we have to return to it, and destroy all the buildings (completely unnessessary) to get a gold medal on it?

7) Why didn't the "survivors" just leave town? Why do we have to destroy their homes to free them, why can't they just come out by themselves? What exactly did they survive?

8) Why do we have to search for the scientists? Why can't we just call them on their cell phones? If the scientists know how to save the world, surely they would come forward by themselves?

9) The level design for the main missions. They have very weird secret areas... like an underground maze under the ocean. What are all those tunnels doing there?

10) Who are those guys that talk to you at the beginning of each mission? Who is the little green man, why doesn't he speak at all during the game?

11) Why does J-bomb die if it touches the water in some levels, but not in others?

12) Why are all of the Blast Corps. vehicles scattered around the levels, in secret places? Presumably the little green man owns all of those vehicles. Why would he leave them lying around in obscure places like that?

User Info: blupigan

6 years ago#2
because its a video game and its supposed to be fun. why in final fantasy games do the characters attack in order? or even split into parties why dont they all go together in a big group
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User Info: 8-BitPenguin

6 years ago#3


Yeah, Blast Corps is just a little bit more "unconventional" than most games I guess

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  3. Can anyone please answer these questions about weird things in the game?

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